Fix Windows 8 Problems at Home

Windows 8, though admired by one and all has a maze of problems that keeps one on the tenterhooks. The polished and tiled surface of Windows 8 might be added on but Windows 8 has some unique operational problems.

Not to worry though, a majority of these can be fixed at home. Below are listed some of these problems and their quick fix solutions. Try the same and reap the benefits.

1.)  Locking down the lock screen

Let us begin from the very early stage of exploring the Windows 8 experience. While, the locked screens might look great on a tablet, the same turns into a problem when it gets applied to Windows 8. Fortunately for you, getting over the problem is quite easy when it comes to Windows 8.

You need to open the run command box on your Windows 8 screen. The same is available in the lower left corner of the desktop screen. Key in the term gpedit.msc and press enter. This will help open the Local Group Policy Editor.

You will have to navigate to the computer configuration> Administrative Templates> Control Panel> Personalization. As the said step gets completed, double click the Do not Display the lock screen option. The same is to be done in the main pane to help open a new window.

The enabled radio option will pop up. Select the same, click OK and you are done with the problem. Lock screen will never trouble you again on Windows 8.

2.)  No POP up problems

The native mail app in Windows 8 has a major problem in form of lack of POP email support. For those running Windows 8, keeping tabs on POP email account is a real headache.  One needs to download Thunderbird email application from Mozilla. The same is available for free on the platform.

This mail’s app support gives the web mail clients the option of using Gmail and effortlessly. These are able to connect and link up with the outside POP email accounts.

All you need to do is to create a free email account with either of these services and link the POP email account with the same. The same can be done with the help of tutorial support that comes along with Gmail or

As the POP account gets linked up with the and Gmail account, the chosen web mail service can be added to the Windows 8 mail app. The same gets achieved through its normal means only. This will make your POP mail work around into the Mail app inbox through the web mail proxy route itself.

The kicker comes along though! As you send the mail the mail app will prompt and allow you to use only your web mail email address, you will not be able to use the POP mail address. There is no solution to this limitation on Windows 8, but you can be rest assured that your prized messages will eventually land in your inbox only.

3.)  Not having any DVD playback is no more a problem

Though it can be of some solace to you that the Windows 8 includes a Window Media Player but this updated version of the program does not include the DVD playback support. Though Microsoft does offer a solution but that does not come for free.

To follow the right course, you can alternatively download VLC which comes for free and offers more flexibility. Though VLC might not be as good as Microsoft’s Media center software that comes for a cost but it has a range of utility features and offers DVD playback and ripping support.

VLC also has file transcoding options and one can tune into various internet videos effortlessly with VLC. Use the same and you will never miss not having DVD playback support on your Windows 8 platform.

4.)  High on resolution but low on readability

A new hardware category has emerged after the evolution of Windows 8. This is known as laptop-tablet hybrid. Most of these devices support what is commonly known as 1080p IPS. Though these have high resolution display, they are more compatible with Ultra book type form factor. This makes the text look hazy when it comes to the Desktop version.

One can get away with this problem through applying a trick that worked well in Windows 7 platform. You need to right click on the desktop, select the screen resolution option and click on Make text and other items large and small.

This will help you achieve an optimal readability levels and your experience of using Windows 8 platform on desktop will be as unique as it is in the ultra book version.

Follow the above listed tips and ensure that Windows 8 experience is memorable, today and always.