Infographic: How Do You Fix the Blue Screen of Death?

bsod_infograph_500What causes the blue screen of death error in computers and is it fixable?  The number one cause of the blue screen error is corrupted drivers.  Drivers are the programs that allow your PC and your gadgets (phone, printer, video card, etc.) to communicate.  If these drivers become out of date or corrupted, your computer is less likely to work with your devices.  Updating these regularly is a must.

The easiest way to update your drivers is to have a program do it for you.  Once your drivers are up to date, you won’t have to worry about the blue screen error.

Another major cause of the blue screen error is due to problems with the registry.  Like a meticulous bookkeeper, the registry keeps records of everything on your computer.  If it accumulates too much information, it can cause your PC to crash or show you the blue screen error.