Microsoft Prepares Fix for Windows Phone 8 Devices

With a resounding out-pour of anger and woe over Windows Phone 8 random reboots reaching the ears of the super-high at Microsoft, we may see a solution to the issue in December. After a few early adopters of the new Windows Phone 8 shouted themselves hoarse over the random rebooting issues, it seems the cure is around the corner. Users of Windows Phone 8 had been complaining that their phones reboot at random, sometimes rebooting several times in a day. They were quite anxious to know if and when Microsoft will come out with a solution for the issue. Microsoft announced that it is developing fixes for Windows Phone 8 devices rebooting issues.

The complaints in forums, running to several pages, are joined by Nokia phone users who have been complaining of similar issues. Although the supposed ‘bug’ hasn’t attacked every Windows Phone 8 device, it is surely irritating those it has and making the others anxious. It is true that every new operating system will come across few roadblocks in the form of bugs and other issues. And the Windows Phone 8 operating system is no exception to this tradition.

Some phones using the Windows Phone 8 OS has been rebooting and returning to the unlock screen on their own. You would certainly be quite annoyed if your phone decides to reboot exactly at a time when you are using it. It’s another issue if you have tucked the phone out of sight and don’t notice the phone while it reboots. Both scenarios are annoying.

The issues with Windows Phone 8 are not only about random rebooting, it is also about certain email syncing issues.  It seems Windows Phone 8 powered HTC 8X is experiencing unexpected rebooting as well as email accounts and Microsoft Accounts frozen in an endless loop while continuously trying to sync each other. Both HTC’s Windows Phone 8 powered 8X phone and Nokia’s Lumia 920 customers have been complaining about their phone rebooting on its own without their express suggestion or provocation. And they haven’t been able to discern any pattern these reboots have been following. But one thing that’s gratifying is the fact that the problem is not universal. Windows Phone 8 works on many phone models but the bug is not tied to a single device or a carrier. It is likely that the issue is with the operating system and not with the hardware.

Some forum users have been suggesting fixes for the rebooting issue. They are claiming that uninstalling the Skype preview app will solve the rebooting issue. On the other hand, few users are claiming to have the rebooting issues even before Microsoft released the Skype preview app. The support staff at all the three companies have been suggesting users to reboot their devices, remove the beta testing version of Skype or boot the phone without SIM for 10 minutes and reboot it with the SIM . This method seems to have worked for one user at least.

Microsoft have issued a statement claiming that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix that would become ready by the year end. They seem to have identified the issue, even though they are unwilling to reveal the cause of the reboot, and are working on an over-the-air update soon. Although it is good to know that Microsoft has identified the problem and are working on a solution for it, the rather non-committal assurance doesn’t offer struggling users comfort.  Taking cue from Microsoft, both HTC and Nokia have issued statements that they are also working with Microsoft and are investigating the rebooting reports. They have assured everyone that they will be issuing a statement as soon as they get more information.

It is hoped that Microsoft will make use of this opportunity to test its new over-the-air update feature. Microsoft can make use of this situation as a dry run for its much awaited major update named Apollo Plus slated to be released next year. In the meanwhile, let us hope that Microsoft will come with the much needed fix for the random rebooting issue as Microsoft’s Christmas gift to its users around the world.

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