Five Tips on Finding Cheaper Computer Parts online

DIY PC RepairComputer parts are expensive and they seem to break at the worst possible moment.  Thankfully, because technology is so widely available the cost of computer equipment has actually decreased in recent years.

Shopping online for computer parts can be the best way to save money.  Deals and discounts on computer parts are easy to find online.  Just remember these tips when shopping for cheap computer parts online:

1. Do your homework – Check for prices with retailers like Best Buy and Radio Shack so that you know the average retail price of the computer part.  Then shop around to find an online computer parts outlet that has the same item at a lower price.

2. Beware of used computer parts – Some online retailers will sell used computers parts to cut prices.  Unless you are willing to accept a used part, be wary of prices that seem “too low” to be true.  Always make sure you are receiving new computer parts unless you are willing to take a chance on a used part to save money.

3. Look for coupon codes before checkout – Once you find an online retailer with cheap computer parts, search for a “coupon code” or “discount code” before you check out.  Some websites like RetailMeNot, CouponCode and FatWallet, post savings codes for many online retailers.  You could save even more on your computer parts with a quick online search before checking out.

4. Use price comparison tools – Use an online price comparison website like PriceWatch or Amazon to compare prices on computer equipment from a variety of stores.  Mobile apps can also quickly search the internet for the lowest price on computer equipment.

5. Use online auction sites and clearance sites – Remember to check online auction sites such as eBay for cheap computer equipment.  You can usually find great deals at auction sites.  You can also find great deals at clearance sites (i.e.

Finding cheap computer parts online means nothing if the retailer is not reputable (you may never see the computer part or it may not work when you get it).  Before you pay for the part, do a quick search to see if there are any complaints floating around on the internet about the company.  Usually, if someone has gotten a bad deal they will complain about the company in a blog, forum or somewhere else online.  Search “company name complaints” to see if anything pops up. is making many types of coolers, including walk-in coolers, cabinetry and so on.