Top 5 Software Applications Designed For Windows 8 Users

One of the best things about Windows 8 is that it allows your smartphone, tablet and desktop to access the thousands of useful apps that developers have created in the Windows app store. Finding the best apps can be a little daunting since there is so much variety, but there are five that you should definitely consider downloading right now. These are the five best apps based on usefulness and popular opinion.


If you would consider yourself a social person on the Internet and you love instant messaging people, then this is an essential app. There are a large number of instant messaging programs available. Many people have the AOL, Google, Facebook and Skype messengers open at the same time. It’s difficult to keep track of everyone talking to you, and it wastes a lot of memory.

The IM+ app combines all of the popular instant messaging services so that you can use them at the same time. This allows you to easily keep track of conversations with both friends and clients.

Everyday Food

Nobody wants a boring meal, but it can be difficult to find a good recipe online that is catered to your needs. It might take 20 minutes before you find a recipe that doesn’t force you to buy ingredients that you don’t have. The Everyday Food app fixes this by providing you with a useful recipe search engine.

Tell Everyday Food what type of meal you want and what ingredients you have. The app will then show you all of the applicable recipes so that you can quickly find something great to prepare.


Windows 8 users love the Netflix app. Many are canceling their cable subscriptions because they can easily watch all of their favorite shows and movies for about $8 a month. Not only that, but the Windows 8 metro view works perfectly with the Netflix interface.

You can easily browse through their large database of movies and shows, and there is one special feature that only Windows 8 users get to enjoy. If you stop watching a movie from one device and start it on another, then the Netflix app will pick up where you left off.

Cocktail Flow

This is similar to the Everyday Food app, but this one is made specifically for cocktails and drinks. There are hundreds of bartending tips and recipes here so that you can make an amazing drink in seconds. The best thing is the beautiful interface. It’s both elegant and simple, and it allows you to quickly find a drink depending on what type of alcohol you want to use.


Many people love the Kindle service because it allows you to easily buy and read thousands of books from your mobile device. At the same time, why should you buy a Kindle if you currently have a smartphone, tablet or desktop? The Kindle app allows you to access your Amazon account so that you can read your purchased books. This has the same special feature that the Netflix app has. If you start reading a book from another device, then it will automatically open on the page that you last read.


There are many great apps for Windows 8 users, but these are the five best apps that you should consider downloading right now. They are useful, entertaining and they give you a lot of value for a very affordable price.

Alan Karnes is a student pursuing a degree in computer engineering. He recommends prospective students read the How Do I Become A Computer Engineer? guide for many helpful tips.