Firefox Hits a Billion Downloads


It seems that Firefox, the main challenger to Internet Explorer as a web browser has hit the billion download mark. Myself, I prefer Firefox over Internet Explorer 8, but just marginally. I try to go back to IE8 full-time, but there’s always something that IE8 just cannot do as well as as IE8. It just seems to behave better and the Add-ons, like TwitterFox, ForecastFox, AdBlock Plus and more can really extend the Firefox experience.

If you haven’t tried Firefox yet, you can download it from

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a story on Firefox reaching this landmark in its history:

The much-loved Firefox Web browser reached a milestone this morning — its billionth download.

The download counter rolled over within the last hour. Quite a feat for a browser that unlike Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Apple’s Safari is run by a non-profit organization with fewer than 250 employees. Despite its lack of big corporation backing — or maybe partially because of that lack — Firefox has become hugely popular worldwide.

But it couldn’t have gotten there on good feelings alone. The free browser that debuted in 2004 consistently gets high marks for speed, efficiency, adaptability and user-friendliness.

Also, Firefox is built on open source software, which means that its programming code is accessible to  developers who want to make compatible, collaborative products, and even participate in the further development of the browser.

More than 1,000 volunteers have indeed contributed to Firefox’s code and about 20,000 test daily updates.

— David Colker