Find Your Files: Fast!

Computer Chaos ControlGo into any bookstore and you will find rows upon rows of ‘self-help’ books on every aspect of life, whether it is mental health, eating right, or getting proper sleep. But have you ever come across a computer self-help book? Neither had I until a week or so ago when Mr. John Cini, author of “Computer Chaos Control” and owner of contacted me, asking me to review a complimentary copy of his book. He thought that my readers would be greatly interested in it.

Never one to turn away a product I think my help WindowsTalk readers, I agreed to take a look. Now, I consider myself a fairly organized guy. I don’t have any more than one row of icons on my desktop, and truthfully, I could live without those if necessary. I could move them down to the taskbar and still survive. This book is quite revolutionary in its approach to file organization, so that YOU know where to find a file in seconds, not having to rely on Windows Search to scan every folder on your hard drive(s).

If you are one of those individuals with your closets, cupboards, and drawers all highly organized, then this system is for you. If you are NOT one of those individuals, then this system is definitely for you!

How does it work?

Quite simply, as it turns out. No special software is required, and it doesn’t matter if you own a Windows PC, a MAC or run Linux. A few minutes reading over the book and looking at the wealth of images (actual screen captures) will convince you that this a system that works. See a previous post here at WindowsTalk entitled “How To Name & Date Computer Folders & Files For Fast, Effective Organization” to get an introduction to Mr. Cini’s system and how it works.

The Book

The book itself is nicely laid out and very motivational in its approach and overall tone. He begins with the basics of Windows Explorer, but if you are already conversant with it, you can easily move on to the next step. There are lots of actual screen images on almost every page to guide you and enhance the text. Mr Cini also includes relevant links to other online sources, should you wish to delve deeper into a particular aspect, for example keyboard shortcuts on page 20 & 21.

There are lots of things I could go on and on about, but I really think every WindowsTalk reader would benefit by getting their own copy of Mr. Cini’s book. Even if you do like to have icons all over your desktop, he devotes some space to discussing how to arrange them more productively. I do believe you will find the book educational, informative and instructive and well worth investing in. In addition, each purchased copy is personalized with your name on the bottom right of each page; a nice touch!

Personalized copy

 If you want to learn more about this fantastic filing system, click here to view more details!