How to find a 5 Star Webhotel

When we travel we like to stay somewhere nice. We often treat ourselves to a hotel that is rated highly and gives a great service. The money that we spend on these luxuries has often been earned via our websites. So why should we stay in a fancy hotel when our websites live in a second rate webhotel (or in Swedish webbhotell).

If you have a website it is probably being hosted by a webhotel and we trust this company to keep it available to our clients. However, there is a massive amount of difference in the services that are on offer and a huge difference in costs to receive these services.

The internet has changed the way we work, shop and play and our websites need to keep up with the growing demand that is required of them. It has been proven that the faster and better looking websites do a better trade that those that are lagging behind.

At its most basic a webhotel offers disk space and bandwidth and these are both incredibly important. The more disk space that is made available to us, as website owners, the bigger and more impressive our sites can be. By allowing us more bandwidth a webhotel is effectively making our websites faster and more available to clients.

So first and foremost disk space and bandwidth are important factors that we need to consider. A small, slow website is unlikely to earn us enough cash to fund our expensive holiday habits.

Of course the more a webhotel gives us the more we are expected to pay; it stands to reason. That said if we are not getting the service our website deserves then we owe it to ourselves to look elsewhere.

Now let’s consider the added extras that a good webhotel will offer. Just like a good holiday resort will offer room service and spa treatments, a good webhotel should offer security and design options to help us improve our sites. We want our online stores to look their best and be safe and secure for us and our customers.

These are simple services that any good webhotel should offer and if they don’t, avoid them.

If you have a successful website you will know how important it is to enable our clients to contact us. If you don’t have a successful site then this might be why. So make sure that your webhotel offers a good amount of e-mail accounts included in the deal. With today’s technological advances you should probably make sure that you can receive these e-mails via your Smartphone.

Finally it is a sad fact that sometimes things go wrong. It doesn’t have to be anybody’s fault, they just do. When this happens it is important that you get your website back up and running correctly as soon as possible so a dedicated helpline is a must. Whether by telephone or e-mail any queries should be answered by your webhotel at any time of the day or night. You would expect this on your holiday.

So when you are considering where to go for a webhotel, think about what services you expect and require. Look for award winning suites with great customer feedback and pay a little extra if necessary, in the long run you will be rewarded.