The Facts About Online Fax Spam

Violating fax laws invites action from the authorities. Fax laws specified in the Junk Fax Act of 2005 are very strict and if your business is sending out marketing faxes then you must stay in compliance of these regulations.

If you send marketing faxes, then you never know when a lawsuit or a fine can hit you squarely in the face (or below your belt). If a user feels that he has received an unwanted fax from you, then he can lodge a complaint and ensure that you go through hell. Here’s what he can do:

How Users Stop Spam Faxes

  1. He can send you a stinky letter asking you to stop sending him faxes and then he can spread the bad word about you on the Internet. This can wreck your brand value.
  2. He can complain a complaint against you with the FCC ( If you have violated any section of the Junk Fax Act, like not providing an opt out option, then there will be fines, and hell, to pay.
  3. He can mark your online faxes as spam or even lodge a complaint with SpamHaus or some other spam reporting service. If he does that then it is possible that your IP is blacklisted and every mail/online fax you send lands up in the spam folder.

These are some measures that users take to stop fax spam. Therefore, it is in your interest to follow the rules laid down by the Junk Fax Act and ensure that your marketing campaign is squeaky clean.

Rules For Online Fax Broadcasters

If you have signed up for an online fax service, you must ensure the service is in compliance of the law. The law states that Internet fax service providers will be held liable even if they did not physically send the spam faxes.

You should ask your online fax provider the following questions:

  1. Do any of his customers send out large fax volumes?
  2. Do any of his customers send faxes to consecutive phone numbers?
  3. Is any of his customers listed on the FCC website enforcement section?
  4. Has his IP been reported to spam watch agencies like SpamHaus?

Work with an Internet fax provider after you are convinced that his servers are clean.

To Sum Up

Always follow the Junk Fax Act regulations and send your marketing faxes to an opt-in list instead of spamming all and sundry. If you send information about special deals and discounts to existing customers and opt-ins, you will convert much more than sending the same information to a general list.

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