Best Photo Editing Apps for Facebook

fb_likeYou will come across a wide range of photo editing apps for Facebook that will help you to add effects, edit and enhance your photos. These apps are very much required to provide the necessary boost and make the photographs looks more appealing and exciting. Following are some of the best photo editing apps for Facebook.


It is one of the most used photo editing apps on Facebook. It allows the user to create fun great cards, rotate, resize and crop the photos. You can also add cartoon or bubble effect on this photos to make them look even funnier.


This app provides the user with a widest range of image processing effects which you can apply easily to your photos. It’s also very simple to use. You can also edit multiple photos at once. The effects that are offered in the app include blur, sepia, speckle, sharpen, painted raw, thresh hold etc.

Blast Your Photo

This is a simple and easy to use app that allows you to do just one thing with your photo – add an effect which makes you appear like you are gargling. It’s a fun app.


In this app, you will find more than 80 photo effects, which you can easily add to your photos and share it with your friends and family. The easy user interface is another added benefit of this app.

Photo Tag

It is basically automatic tagging software and identifies the contacts in your friend list. You can also add custom speech bubbles as well as other effects to your photos.

Your Baby Photo

This Facebook photo app makes you appear as if you are actually a baby. If you are looking for a cool and fun Facebook photo editing app worth trying, then You Baby Photo is the once. It will surely give you some laugh.

BW Photo

The primary purpose of this great photo editing app is to transform your photos into black and white. However, it also allows you to add various other fun effects including Saturate, Sepia, Shadow and many more.


This is one of the coolest ways of editing your photos on Facebook. With just a few clicks you can cut, sharpen, crop, blend, rotate as well as add various other cool animation effects to your photos. Perhaps the best part is that it allows you to edit your friend’s photo as well.

Phixr Photo Editor

It is one of the best web browsers plug-in that you will find online. It is ported to Facebook and some other social networking websites. It allows you to crop, resize and helps to remove red eye, photos noise etc. on your photos and thus make them look even better.

We are living an age in which social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Hi5 etc have a major role to play. We all love to connect with our friends and family. These sites are not only a way of communication but also they are a source of fun and entertainment for us. The photo editing apps that are mentioned above are a fun and easy way to pass time and laugh with friends. Do try them out.

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