Exciting New X Ray Vision Technology

 Mobile Phones Which Can See Through Walls Via X Ray Technology

New technology being developed enables mobile phones to see through walls to a depth of around four inches.  Researchers and academics don’t envisage that the technology will be applied to the mobile phone market due to privacy concerns.

The technology has been spearheaded by the University of Texas in Dallas, where they have recently made scientific advances, that unlike other forms of similar technology, use the teraherz band of the electromagnetic spectrum to access X ray vision. Current mobile phone  and remote control technology only accesses the FM, AM and infra-red rays.  A chip can be inserted into a mobile phone that can see through walls, wood, plastic and paper.  Another similar project at Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year, pioneered a device that used microwaves to look through walls.

The Risks of Seeing Through Objects

Providing this sort of heavy duty technology to the general public is not really an option according to the researchers.  There are associated risks that can result in crimes being more easy to commit like burglary, paedophilia, and illegal surveillance.  The US government and university researchers are concerned that the technology will be misappropriated or leaked and result in a raft of illegitimate usages.


Medical Usages

The usage of this kind of scanning and X ray technology can be best served in the medical field where A & E and Ambulance services can do a quick scan of an injured person’s body or brain and see exactly what damage has been sustained and the location. When the minutes and seconds count and are so precious to saving a life, the privacy concerns go out the window.

The portability of such technology inside of a mobile phone type of device, can provide doctors and medics with ideal devices to work at the scene of an accident.  Academics and doctors all agree that the possibilities of seeing four inches into the body are really exciting. Following on from this, there could be the possibility to see 10 to 20 inches into objects in a few years time.

This powerful new technology of X Ray vision for mobile phones needs to be guarded and monitored.  The ethical implications of something so small, portable and with the potential to invade privacy needs to be seriously considered. The potential for this type of technology to be ‘hacked’ and then put to nefarious usage is enormous.  Of course, for most people, this sort of device would be a wonderful toy to play around with and have some fun.  It has a touch of comic-book impressiveness to it that every adult and kid could understand.

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