Cutting Edge Estate Agent Software Proves Popular

Automation of relevant and important business related processes within any business is a useful asset. Software in its various forms provides numerous benefits and as technology advances so do the functions and features of the software products, providing even more benefits. Within an estate agents role there are a variety of facets such as sales and lettings, all of which have to be carefully managed to ensure compliance and efficiency. This is usually managed by utilising software packages, however many fail to provide the level of automation, functionality and data management that is required by estate agents.

In terms of software, the most effective forms of residential sales and letting software should be ideally internet based, which would provide a level of freedom and versatility that is unavailable with desktop style software packages. In addition, with real time bi directional web feed access, all facets and relevant partners can be kept up to date. Realcube offers all of this and much more. In addition due to the fact that the software has been built utilising the latest .net technology and is web based, it can be used on a variety of devices include mobile devices like the popular iPhone and iPad devices as well as from a home PC, all of which can be used to access the software as well as being used for more traditional internet use such as viewing web video.

There is no doubt that estate agents had found trading conditions difficult with the uncertainty in the housing market coupled with the recent recession, which inherently impacts on available budgets for items such as software. With this in mind, the cost of upfront licences for software can be an issue, especially in estate agency’s who have multiple offices and computers that require numerous copies of the same software. A pay as you go, internet based software solution is the most cost effective and efficient solution, which is exactly what Realcube offers.

In terms of efficiency, software offers numerous advantages in relation to internal processes and the efficiency of the relevant elements involved within an estate agent business. Realcube estate agent software, available through, provides advanced levels of functionality and versatility that delivers high performance whilst offering outstanding value for money.