5 Essentials for Blogging

“Nothing is worth doing unless it is worth blogging about” (12th of October 2012, my baby sister). The little terror is a terror and very irritating but in this she has an element of wisdom rare in one so young and annoying. Here’s a look at how to go about your blogging:

1) Choose your platform carefully. There are let’s face it, good platforms and bad platforms. Most platforms, in addition, are more apt to particular types of blogging. Flickr is notably exceptional for picture heavy blogs, whilst WordPress has won deserved plaudits for creating an excellent home for opinion or feature blogs. In contrast, Google’s blog is more suited to providing a hassle free blog site for the beginner. Personally I am a big fan of WordPress. The fonts and typography are excellent and it has a wonderful, elegant yet understated style that keeps my ostentatious writing in check. If you are serious about making a name for yourself in terms of genuine thought-provoking pieces then WordPress is probably the site for you.

2) Know the ‘Frequency’. In order to ensure a captive audience you have to be fairly prolific in your postings. Once a week whets the appetite but you will find that your fans will start to drift if they don’t think you are being active enough. Two or three times a week is a good starting point. It is a sign of dedication that will endear your blog to your readership. If for any reason you are going to be inactive it is worth putting a note on your site to inform your readership that for example you won’t be able to post anything for two weeks because you will be canoeing up the Amazon single-highhandedly in search for a hidden Inca palace. Don’t forget to mention that you will be telling them all about your trip when you get back. Seriously though, it does not hurt to keep your readership informed and that includes any exciting new postings you have planned.

3) Stick with the Regular. It pays to be regular. Your readership will quickly form certain expectations and they will expect them to be fulfilled. If they don’t have any expectations or unfulfilled ones then there is nothing really there to encourage them to visit your site on a regular basis. Thus try always have a blog ready for first thing Monday morning. Monday morning is normally a slow start for most office workers so it is nice if you can always give them a little treat to help soothe them into the start of the working week. Similarly, Friday is normally deadline day so if you can squeeze in another blog for Thursday then you will have more chance of appeasing your regulars. If you want to be really clever you can pre-write a month’s worth of blogs and get your site to schedule their release at set times over the course of the month.

4) Always get Updated! Old news is old hat. Make sure your blog is still relevant to new developments. Try to always scan the news or latest publications to give your readership a sense that you have your finger on the pulse. This is particularly important if you are pre-writing your blog postings. Where possible add a couple of comments relating to more recent developments to give your blog a little more of a cutting edge. If some shocking new development comes in do your best to respond to it. Even a small little blurb with a promise of more to come will impress your readers.

5) And last, spread the love in Social Media. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious, etc… Twitter in particular is great for linking with your blog. A quick tweet to inform your friends and followers of your latest update is a great way to build on your readership. As we all know, social media is the best medium to promote blogs.

Blogging is a great way outlet for anyone in any walk of life. The ability to have an online record of your thoughts and a simple medium to express them to the outside world is for some priceless.

About the Author

Reese Jones is a tech and gadget lover, a die-hard fan of iOS and console games. She started her writing venture recently and writes about everything from quick tech tips, to mobile-specific news from the likes of O2, to tech-related DIY.