Essential Steps To Secure your Windows Phone

Nokia Windows 8 Lumia 900 PhoneWith mobile technology becoming popular by the day, a range of mobile phones have made their entry into the market. Windows phones are among such innovative phones which are available in the market.

However, as these Windows mobile phones have a range of sensitive information available, a range of security measures need to be in place to make the mobile experience special and safe. 

1.)  Downloading from trusted sources

Games and Apps need to be downloaded only from trusted sources. In case you are using Windows Phone, it is better to install apps from Windows Store. Even so, you should ensure that no untrusted application should be downloaded as this can lead to a virus entering the phone.

Installing applications from trusted sources mean that these have been signed digitally which reduces the risk of any potential complication. 

2.)  Installing Windows updates

Ensure that you install Windows updates as soon as they become available online. Most of the time these updates contain some security updates. Ignoring these can cause damage to your phone and risk the security of your phone.

Ensure that you check online regularly for Windows update and install these as soon as they are available.

3.)  Using Passwords

One of the most important security update in your Windows phone is to use a password to protect the Windows Phone from any potential damage. In case you do not use a password for the phone gets stolen, all the vital information can land in the hands of a stranger.

You can be in some serious trouble too as your social networking accounts, email information and other important data can land in the hands of any potential cyber criminal. To tide over any such developing scenario, you should be using a safe password manager or any of the e wallet app to keep the information safe.

Alternatively, you should be having a backup of your data as otherwise you could be in serious problem if the data gets corrupted.

4.)  Using PIN     

At times, the phone is lying unattended in your home or room. This creates a perfect opportunity for anyone to use or misuse the phone. You can be in serious trouble if any unwanted phone call is made from your Windows phone.

To prevent any such problem, you can use a PIN (Personal Identification Number) for SIM card in your phone. This will prevent any unauthorized person from using the phone and making any unwanted call from your Windows phone. 

5.)  Use the Find My Phone feature

The advancement in mobile technology has led to the evolution of a range of innovative features. One of these is the Find My Phone feature. Windows mobile phones have this feature and you should know on how to use the same to your advantage. This feature allows the user to lock his or her phone so that no unwanted use of the phone is made.

The data available on the phone can also be wiped away so that no one has unauthorized access to any of the feature in the phone. Mostly all of the Windows phone have this feature, however if you find that your phone does not have this one feature, the same can be downloaded as a range of third party apps are available which can help to use this feature with ease. 

6.)  Do not store Cookies on your Windows Phone

Your Internet browser should be set to not store cookies. These are files on the phone which various websites use to remember preferences and passwords. This usually helps the user to remember information and the user need not key in the same every time.

In case, your Windows Phone is set to the option of having to store cookies, the IE browser cookies need to be deleted regularly. 

7.)  Do not Access Password Protected Websites

You should not access password protected websites in case you are using a public or any of the unsecured Wi-Fi network. In such cases, Wi-Fi hackers are able to hack your password and this can cause irreparable damage to you personally and professionally.

8.)  Set a Kid’s Corner

Children are intelligent these days. They can get hold of features of your Windows Phone with ease. Thankfully, the Windows phone has a feature known as Kid’s corner which helps create a dedicated place for the children where they can have access to games and other apps.

Set up a dedicated Kid’s corner and watch your children use the phone intelligently.

Follow the above listed measures and your Windows Phone will be safe and secure all the while.

Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify