Busy Life And The Emergence Of Pocket WIFI

Pocket-WiFi-3G-Wireless-Router-with-SIM-Card-Slot-and-Li-BatteryNo doubt the life today has become a whole lot busier, no one has the time to wait till they reach home to check their emails or reply to their Facebook buddies. Therefore there is a huge demand of internet connections that offer connectivity on the go. Recently a new and revolutionary technology known as “Pocket WIFI” has emerged on the surface of web, which provides the users with instant connectivity to the internet with the help of a Wi-Fi device that they can take with them anywhere and everywhere.

This has become possible because of the advent of Mobile Broadband which is currently the most used and fastest internet connection. Mobile broadband has offered the people with a solution that can keep with heir busy lifestyles and keep them connected to their friends and professional contacts 24*7. Pocket Wi-Fi makes use of this Mobile Broadband technology and integrates it into a device that works like a WIFI hotspot to connect multiple users to the internet.


  • Key advantage of Pocket WIFI is its mobility. You as a user can take it anywhere you want. Since they use mobile towers to connect the device to internet, therefore it will work everywhere where mobile signals are present. This not only provides connection in far-away areas but provide reliability as well, as mobile signals very rarely go down.
  • Multiple users can connect to your Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot to connect their device with the internet. This makes it cost effective solution if you are a group of students looking to connect to internet from within your class room. Though to access your WIFI hotspot, each user will need to have a WIF enabled device.
  • They can make use of 3G and 4G networks as well, which makes them a replacement of mobile internet and save you a lot of money that you pay to your mobile company for using internet on mobile phone.
  • Most of these Pocket WIFI connections don’t require professional expertise to setup and connect with the internet. These devices are usually plug n play and install itself quite easily without much hassle.
  • This solution can result in saving you quite a good sum of money, if the plan is intended to be used by multiple people in the family. Everyone can use the same internet connection and the payment has to be made only for one connection.
  • Like any other WIFI routers, you can protect your Pocket WIFI device with a password to ensure that your hotspot is secured and no unauthorized person can access your connection. You can also perform MAC address filtration to minimize the illegal access to your device by un-recognized devices.

Like any other technology, the Pocket WIFI has some disadvantages as well, e.g. you might not get perfect signal in all sections of your house or office and the signal strength would vary a lot. Normally the speed which is mentioned in the plan is not what you get in real, because of the variation of signal strength in different parts of the city.

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