Review: EMCO MSI Package Builder

msi package builderPerforming installations over network without end user interaction is quite impossible a few days back. IT administrators have to physically visit the target machine and perform installations.

Unfortunately, such tasks seem impossible where the number of PCs were large, say hundreds or even thousands.  Now days, they can install almost any applications on a machine connected through LAN without needing a single action to be performed at the client side.

There are few powerful tools which completely automates the process of allowing a system admin to convert traditional setup (.exe) into Windows Installer (.MSI) packages.  Later, it is used to perform unattended installations on networked PCs. Moreover, there are options to easily create MSI packages for brand new installations, customize existing installations, deploy it over PC’s connected over network.

EMCO MSI Package Builder: Easily convert EXE into MSI packages

EMCO MSI package builder is a specialized utility that helps you in creating MSI packages using existing installations or traditional setup files using easy GUI and package creation wizard.  It comes with powerful monitoring technology to ensure healthy package deployment over network and without damaging file system and services of targeted PC.

MSI creation software

We’re reviewing here an Enterprise edition of EMCO MSI package builder that works beyond any limitations and provides easy EXE to MSI repackagers using visual editor and self help wizard where similar applications failed to deliver results, not even close to.

You can find the detailed product features along with a link to download and install this product your computer using the link mentioned below:

Moreover, to find the detailed steps on how to convert exe to msi package and deploy applications over remote PC, visit detailed tutorial page.

Useful Features and Benefits

  • Software uses intuitive interface and automated package creation wizard to help you create virtual application deployment package in minutes.
  • You may use Group Policy or EMCO remote installer to install bunch of applications at once on remote PCs using Live Monitoring technology.
  •  Bunch of customization settings and various options to produce desired msi packages, perfectly suitable for desired application deployment as the way you want.
  • Applications can be easily managed, repaired or even completely uninstalled from the remote computers using this powerful utility.

Using this application leaves no pressure at all to your mind and works flawlessly regardless the number of system you’re using or how big the enterprise is. With an easy to use and outstanding GUI, even a basic PC user can use this application like pros.

EMCO MSI Package Builder Enterprise 4.5.8 works efficiently even on the latest Windows PC i.e., Windows 8, Win 7, Vista, XP etc. It’ll come with 30 days free trail and no prior requirement to give your bank details. Once satisfied with the application, you can go for plan whatever you wish to or your budget allows.