Popout Options: Embedding the Chatwing Chatroom with Ease

Using different tools on your site to make it perform better is important, but so does web space. You can’t just go pick out a tool that you find great and just pile it up one after another – having more is indeed fine but the drawback to it is that it will make your site run slower and you’ll run out of those web spaces in no time. The solution for this is simple – pick out the best tools you have, let them stay on your site and dispose of the rest.

Choosing the tools for your site might take you quite some time, but here’s one that you’ll clearly need – a Chatwing chat widget. This is a chatting tool that you can easily use to chat with your viewers. Using it, you can easily provide the information they need instantly. And if they have an opinion that needs to be heard out, they can easily do so using it.

Embedding the chatroom is very easy. And what’s more is that you’ll only need the minimal space requirement for this tool. Here’s how you can do that.


You can’t make the chatroom without a Chatwing account. No need to worry, the process is very easy. You can find the registration form at Chatwing’s homepage, by pressing on the TRY NOW button. It will only ask for a valid email address and a password – after that, you can submit it and head on to creating the chatroom.


The Dashboard Page

You’ll be redirected here after registering. This is where you’ll be creating the chatroom and this is also where you’ll be storing it. To create a new one, press the Create chatbox button. Along with the creation of your chatroom, you’ll also be redirected to the next page.


Customization of the Chatroom

Chatwing’s customization process is done here – in the Customization page. Modifying the chatroom is not necessary however, it is strongly recommended as it will enable Chatwing’s additional functions, make the chatroom visually appealing and will help you recognize the different features of Chatwing as well. The customization options are grouped into tabs – just browse through them to change your chatroom.

You can see the changes being made on your chatroom through the preview window. Now, as you customize, you should be seeing Save buttons on some of the tabs. You need to press these as you modify as it is the only way of saving your progress.

Now that you have fully modified your chatroom and saved your progress, it’s time to embed it. Press the Use button – it’s on the upper part of the page.


Embedding of the Chatroom

There are different ways of using the chatroom you created – and you’re choosing which one of them you would prefer here, in the Embedding Page. The best tab suited for you would be the last one, Popout Options. Pick that and examine its contents.

This tab is composed of another set of customization options, a preview window and a set of HTML codes. However, these aren’t for your chatroom but for the popout icon. This icon will be the one that will be embedded on your site in place of the chatroom. That way, it will be much smaller and will fit right in with out you having to worry about space.


Before you can embed it, you can modify it using the options provided. Make it as visually appealing as possible to make it more noticeable by your viewers. Once that’s done, you can finally embed it.

Open your site and locate the area where you want to put the icon. Copy the HTML codes of the icon and paste them on your site. Now save it, and refresh your site. The icon should be there and it should be ready to use!


To open the chatroom, just click on the icon. It will open a new window with your chatroom in it. You can start chatting in it afterwards.


Using the Chatroom

Chatters can easily access the chatbox because of its login methods. They are allowed to use different social media accounts as their form of logging in. At most, a chatter can choose an account from one of these social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Tumblr or Vk. They can also use the Chatwing and Guest login methods and it’s up to the user if he will allow or restrict the use of the said methods.


As the user, you can easily set up security measures for your chatroom too. The banning system has a lot of variations, like choosing to ban a chatter using the social account he/she is using or using his/her IP address. You can also change how long the ban period will last or simply unblock the chatter and let him/her use the chatroom again. There’s also the ability to delete messages and set up word filters to prevent the use of profanity.


You can also assign moderators who can help you manage the chatroom. You can allow them to use some or all of your controls as the admin, like banning chatters, etc. They can easily assist especially if you’re in a situation wherein you can’t manage the chatroom.

Chatwing has a lot more features to offer and is currently making even more features for its chat software. And now, users who are always on the move can finally use their chatrooms on their mobile phones with the release of Chatwing chat app on Android – they can get it for free on GooglePlay. This app lets you chat with everyone, create a chatbox and connect on your previously created chatboxes as well.


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