Eight Of The Most Insane Websites on the Internet

The internet is an incredibly vast and useful resource, full of everything you could ever need to know about anything, and also lots of information you don’t need too. But along with the most fascinating and wonderful websites around, the world wide web also has an array of extremely odd and bewildering websites. Their purpose is unknown to most, but that apparently isn’t an issue! Here are some of the most insane websites the internet currently has to offer:


Time Cube is a website created by Gene Ray in 1997, which he uses to air his thoughts on everything from religion to his thoughts on the family. This may not necessarily sound that weird or bizarre, but when you visit this website, you will understand why it deserves a place on this list. The formatting is a website designer’s worst nightmare – vast amounts of text in one, incoherent block on the page, with no hint of a clear navigation system. Very odd.


Another Day, Another Word is a very simple and straight forward concept: every day a new word is put on the website, along with a voice that then reads out the word. Simple and straight forward yes, but why this website is necessary is much less clear. The words are not particularly interesting or complex, they are often just simple every day words, written in black on a white screen. The word today, for example, is ‘maybe’. Why do we need this? Who knows.


This website is the last page of the internet, in which visitors are simply told that they have reached the last page of the internet, and wishing them a nice day. Nice and friendly it may be, but this website is also incredibly weird and pointless.


Deleted images is a website which showcases the worst and the best of the photos that we would all normally delete. Some are out of focus, others have a finger covered the main point of the photo, and some are completely unclear in what they are supposedly showing. It describes itself as ‘the junk yard of art’, and is quite simply a miss match of photos that we never wanted to keep ourselves in the first place!


A bridal website might not sound like the most insane thing on the internet, as normally you would expect to see a beautifully chic, elegant and classy web design, characterised by neutral tones and romantic patterns. However, this website chooses to step away from the norms, and instead goes for a bold, and quite frankly, wacky web design of clashing colours, incoherent writing and a miss match of different text boxes.


Another one page website, in which visitors are simply met the message that a guid has now been wasted – ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone’. The creators here have made them purely to take up the domain names, spending their own money on doing so.


If users find themselves on this website, they will probably not stay there for very long, unless they enjoy looking at a single image of a drink. Not overly interesting, just a little bit insane.


This website, as it’s name implies, is quite simply, the world’s highest website. It is currently 18.939 kilometers high, which is a lot of scrolling down for anybody who cares to do so.

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