DVD Or Flashdrives? Which One Is Better For Heirloom Storage?

You have plenty of memories captured on video that you want to save for the rest of your life, and in today’s technology driven world, you have plenty of different options. Two of the most popular options for storing media are the use of a flash drive or a DVD, but which one is the better option for heirloom storage?

The Pros and Cons of DVDs

One reason that people enjoy DVDs is because of their familiarity with them. People have been using DVDs for years, and burning video to a DVD and playing it back on your computer or television is extremely easy, making people more and more comfortable with this choice.

Another advantage to DVDs is that it’s possible to partially recover them if they become damaged. For example, a DVD that becomes scratched may still contain plenty of useable footage because damage to DVDs tends to focus on one specific area. If a flash drive becomes damaged, it is typically impossible to recover any of the data that has been stored on them, giving DVDs the advantage.

A disadvantage to DVDs, though, is that they become damaged more easily. When not stored properly, DVDs can become scratched, and these scratches can have a negative impact on the content stored on the DVD.

DVDs also contain chemicals that start to degrade on their own after a while, making the lifetime of a DVD only around 30 years. If you want to keep something that can be passed down between generations, you may need to consider an alternative source.

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The Pros and Cons of Flash Drives

One of the biggest advantages of flash drives is that they last for an absurd amount of time. If you want to store information on a flash drive for 50 years, you could do so, and you may even be able to store something on a flash drive for much longer if you take proper care of it.

Flash drives are also beneficial because you can buy them in varying sizes, which means you can easily store more data on a flash drive than you could a DVD. You could get away with storing a variety of old movies on one flash drive, making is more appealing for storage.

A disadvantage to flash drives is that if they become damaged at all, you risk losing everything that was stored on them. A simple small issue between a flash drive and the host computer could result in the loss of your information, and there is no way to retrieve it.

Another disadvantage is that some people are still unsure how to use them properly and believe that they may have added content to the drive when they really didn’t. This could cause you to end up with a flash drive full of nothing.

So which one is the winner?

Although each product has their own advantages and disadvantages, flash drives come out on top when it comes to heirloom storage because when used and stored properly, your information can be kept safe for a very long time.

Christi Shipley is the lead coordinator for piano DVDs curation at Piano Place.