Say ‘Hi’ to New Technology: Get A Dual Screen Smartphone Now!

What could be more perfect than perfection personified in the form of a Smartphone that has the functionality of a tough gadget letting you have access to two screens simultaneously? The dual screen phones are the upcoming logical step taken by the technology manufacturers who have got up the zeal of all. So how do these dual screen phones work?

How Does The Dual Screen Work?

Taking this piece of smart gadgetry in your hand, you might scroll from the back and make selections. You can hold the smartphone right without your hand getting in the mid way. The screens can work simultaneously, you might try new games and pretty cool new gestures are made possible.

The Prototypes

Japanese companies like Fujitsu are shedding the untrue notions about these fast evolving technology gadgets which might become a rage in the times to come. They have launched the prototypes first.

The Fujitsu prototypes have however, a few negative traits, they are not well lit, plus they have a smaller screen than what people are used to making usage of. Not difficult to be tackled with, both the issues can be addressed simultaneously as per the manufacturers reply to ongoing criticism. The prototypes of the Smartphones are not ‘dyed-in-the-wool types’ and owing to the popular opinion they can be designed to meet perfection. Dual-screen Smartphones are futuristic gadgets that not only give people value for money but also multi dimensional functionality with a tidy network to work on.

Single screen phones were at a high end in 2012. But now 2013 is supposing to be a commencement to the era of dual screen phone, and a Russian company has already announced that it is going to launch a dual screen phone “Yota” in the mid of 2013.

Yota Phones From Russia: Are They Cool?

Yota phones are the Smartphones that have tough Moscow skins, these incredible devices have an LCD display on one side and an e-ink screen located on its back. Being a Smartphone that can be called as a powerful Android-based phone, Yota phone is endowed with multiple features that allow the genesis of a new technology integrating a full-color LCD on the first side and the popular electronic paper display (EPD) on its back side.

Features of Yota Phone

It is been heard that Yota will have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. Its screen size will be 4.3 inches with e-ink display. The device will be having a HD front camera along with a 12 MP main camera, LTE (bands 3,7, 20 MIMO) connectivity, 2100 mAh battery, SIM slot and a combined power button. The Yoto Phone has an LCD screen at 1280 X 720 (about 340 ppi) resolution with an internal storage of 32 or 64 GB. With this phone in your hands you would get to shake hands with the coolest form of technological innovation that you can gift yourself with.

Whether you want to chat on a Social Media Site, simply check your mail or a calendar for that matter, Yota Phones with technology at its best, would sell well with already created demand in the market. Everything that you want to gain access to gets displayed on electronic paper display with the least possible effort. The info gets updated in the real time, giving Yota Phone a high degree of persistence.

Smartphones are making an eye-to-eye contact with techno savvy people in the most presentable form. Get one before your neighbor gets it! The neck to neck race goes on!

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