Doubts About Windows 7?

questions Are you a Vista or Windows XP user and thinking about upgrading to Windows 7, but still have doubts?
Well,  I’m here to say that Windows 7 is definitely a worthwhile upgrade; perhaps the best Windows version ever. There are a few things to be aware of however.

This post will attempt to outline some of the more important considerations when upgrading to Windows 7.

  1. Will your PC run Windows 7? If you are presently running Vista, the chances are very good that Windows 7 will run just as well (or perhaps better) on your existing hardware. I say ‘perhaps better’ because there are many improvements made in Windows 7 regarding memory and resources usage. Personally, I think Win7 runs smoother and responds quicker (but not drastically) than Vista on my Dell laptop. It definitely runs as good as XP did, snappy and responsive. To see how Win7 will handle your present hardware & software, download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.
  2. Will I need more RAM? Perhaps. More is always better, but check if your PC or laptop can take more RAM. It may be maxed out already, especially if it is a laptop. My Dell laptop has it’s maximum of 2GB of RAM already installed and Win7 is running fine. There’s a good RAM scanner tool at Crucial that will tell you what type of memory you have and if you can install more.
  3. Can I do a direct upgrade from XP? No. Direct, or ‘in place’ upgrades from XP are not supported. You will have to back up all your data and do a ‘clean’ install, which is highly recommended anyway. It is best to start with a clean slate with Windows 7 and avoid all the glitches that are carried over in an upgrade.
  4. I like Vista (or XP) do I have to upgrade? In a word, no. If you like your present setup and it does all you ask of it, by all means stick with it. Be sure to keep it updated, particularly with service packs and run updated antivirus and antispyware programs.
  5. Which version of Windows 7 should I purchase? For most ‘Home’ users, Windows 7 Home Premium is best. IT pros and PC enthusiasts will prefer either the Professional or Ultimate versions for the extra features these have. See this chart at Microsoft’s Windows 7 site for more version information: Which one is right for you?

Hopefully, this has helped to answer some of your Windows 7 doubts. If you have any other questions, please comment here or in one of the Windows forums on my Forum page.