Don’t You Love Pinterest? Why Is it Useful?

When the social networks, Facebook and Twitter, came along they changed the world. Recently, a new social media site has come along and captured the hearts of many. Pinterest is a photo sharing website where people can pin pictures to boards and share them with others. Some people think that Pinterest is just a website where girls go to look at pictures of things that they will never have. Pinterest can be a lot more than just a time-wasting website though. Here are some great ideas and ways to use Pinterest that don’t make you feel guilty about spending hours on Pinterest rather than doing that paper that is due tomorrow.

Pinterest is a great way to look up and find good recipes. People are always pinning food pictures and a lot of them are really delicious looking. You can categorize all of the recipes you find by fast meals or slow ones, healthy or deserts. When you need to cook dinner or you are supposed to bring desert to a party, just go to your Pinterest and look up some new recipes to try.

It is always so hard to pick out a new outfit every day. College students don’t always have the time to go through their closets and pick out a new stylish outfit. Going on Pinterest can help with your style. People are constantly pinning outfits that they think are cute and in style. You can create boards for each season or each style that you have. Then when it comes time to find the perfect outfit, you can go to the specific season, style or color that you want and throw something together.

Pinterest is an easy and free way to promote your business, or your photography, or your recipes. Anyone has the power to upload their pin and it is completely free. If you want to promote yourself, just share your pin with as many people as possible and hopefully it will spread around to enough people. This is a free way to advertise because people are constantly on Pinterest and they are willing to look at what you’ve posted.

Another common board that I’ve seen on Pinterest is fitness ideas. There are tons of ideas on different workouts to try, different ways to stay in shape and it has lots of pictures of people who look very fit. This is a very good motivator for those who are looking to get back into shape for spring and summer. Give the workouts a chance because most of them only last 20 to 30 minutes.

Do-it-yourself ideas are all over Pinterest. There are crafts you can try, wedding ideas, home decorations, and gift ideas. DIY ideas can save you a lot of money and they are always fun to try out. If you find a craft that you really like making, you might even find somewhere to sell it. Not only can DIY ideas save you money, but they can ultimately make you money of you want.

About the Author
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