Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones, but Domain Names can Really Hurt You

 domain_name_diceI’ll admit that people who call inanimate things “their baby” are a bit strange. You know the type, they clean their car every Sunday morning and tell you that it’s “part of the family”. They are definitely a bit odd. Then I think about my website and how I spend almost all of my free time tending to it and making it perform better. The guy next door gave his motorbike a name; honestly he did. He spent ages thinking of a moniker that would suit his crotch rocket. But then I did the same with my website, I spent days coming up with witty and intelligent domain names.

So does this make me some kind of freak? Well no it doesn’t, other things maybe, but not this.

You see domain names are a ridiculously important part of any website and if you get them wrong they can have disastrous effects on the way the site performs. So, in actual fact, and I hate to say this, you need to treat your website like “your baby” and think long and hard about what you are going to call it.

Just like you wouldn’t want your child going through life with a really bad name, neither should you want your website to have to try and survive with a terrible URL. So let’s run through some of the things that need to be considered before you go ahead and register domain names to make sure that your choice is just right.

Firstly avoid complicated names that are hard to remember and spell. Everybody remembers the kid at school with a difficult name to pronounce but how many of us remember how to spell it? If people cannot spell domain names they cannot find that site, so keep it as simple as me. A good trick here is to telephone a friend when you have made a decision on domain names and tell them what you have decided upon. Then ask them to email that URL back to you, if they have spelt everything correctly then hey ho and away you go, if not then it is back to the drawing board.

Next is to avoid linking up words that could be misconstrued as meaning something else. We have all heard the horror stories of therapists and experts exchange. When these domain names were joined together in URL fashion they became something totally different. If your second name was Banks then you probably wouldn’t call your child Robin and the same should be considered with domain names.

So domain names should be simple to spell and memorable for the right reasons. If your website is going to be an addition to your company then you should probably use your business name, as long as it doesn’t fall into any of the traps above. If you have a particularly famous product then incorporate this in some way.

Just remember that where domain names are concerned only fools rush in, and the best things come to those that put the effort in.  More information about domain names you can find here or at Surftown’s website.

Featured image credit: NewAge / 123RF Stock Photo