Do I Need To Get Unlimited Broadband?

cartoon_questionUnlimited broadband sounds absolutely wonderful. Imagine all those downloads you could do, and you could stay on the internet all day if you really wanted to. The concept seems ideal, however, you should be aware of certain issues before you make the decision to get unlimited broadband.

Some of the questions that you should ask yourself are:

  • Does your current broadband service meet your particular needs and requirements?
  • Do you regularly exceed your data allowance limit?
  • What is it costing you every time you exceed your data allowance limit?
  • Do you really require additional broadband allowance?

Is Your Current Service Sufficient?

If you currently have a capped data allowance as part of your broadband service and you find that you are regularly exceeding that limit, it may be time to re-assess your usage requirements. If you are doing regular downloads and wish to stream videos and music, and gaming online, you should consider either increasing your cap or opting for unlimited broadband. It is not necessary to change your data allowance if you find that you go over your limit once in a while.

The Advantages of Unlimited Broadband

Certain types of internet users benefit from having unlimited broadband. To determine if you fall into this bracket, you should assess your and other people in the household’s online activities.

If you fall into the category of a high level user, you will definitely do better with an unlimited service than a capped service. High level users generally require the service for a multitude of activities that may include:

  • Streaming live broadcasts
  • Watching television
  • Listening to the radio
  • Watching online movies
  • Video conferencing
  • Online education where streamed classes are accessed

High level users will be able to undertake all their normal online activities without too much frustration or time wastage if they use an unlimited service. The emergence of online film rental facilities has increased the need for an unlimited service.

If you are an online gamer you require high speed broadband. It is possible to use a game console or your computer for gaming. While playing the actual game is not what uses your bandwidth, it is the background activities that eat into your data allowance. The additional downloads for updates and patches related to your games is where much of your data allowance will go.

If you have a multi user household you should consider this option. Your usage will increase with the number of devices that are being used at any point. This may affect the speed of your service and since unlimited services have a high speed threshold, your internet connection may not be affected as severely.

Is The Service Really Unlimited?

Before you sign on the dotted line for an unlimited package, you need to confirm what the internet service provider classifies as unlimited. Your idea and their idea of the service may not agree. There have been instances where the provider has advertised unlimited broadband, for the consumer to find out later that that was not the case at all. Some providers label the package as unlimited, however it merely offers a high capped data allowance limit.

You should read your provider’s fair usage policy as this may limit you to a certain level during peak download times. These limits may vary and the peak times may vary by provider. Weekend peak times generally offer a higher limit than during the week. This is due to business operating hours and commercial enterprises are given priority as far as broadband services are concerned. There could be repercussions for you if you regularly exceed the fair usage policy. Your provider may contact you and issue a warning about the situation. If the excess usage continues, you may find that your internet service provider will cancel your contract.

This is not applicable to all unlimited packages. There are service providers who do not include traffic management and fair usage policies in their contracts. This is an important part of your contract, so make sure that you check on it.

Costs Involved

The cost of an unlimited package is normally higher than that of a capped one. Internet service providers have tried to make this service more accessible to personal customers by offering bundled packages. The bundle deals normally include television, telephone and broadband at a rate that should cost you less than if you were to obtain the service separately.

If you opt for a bundle package, you should make sure that it offers exactly what you need. Make sure that the television channels offered are what you want. There is no point in paying for TV channels that you will not watch. Make sure that the price you have been quoted includes the telephone line rentalas this is often an added charge. You may be able to get a discount for the line rental, but this often only applies if you pay upfront for the rental. If you do not regularly use a landline, and wish to get a bundle package, you should consider opting for fibre optic broadband as you do not require a telephone line for this. This will save you money in the long run. Do not sign for services you do not need – they cost extra.

There is stiff competition between the internet service providers and chances are that you will get a good deal out there, but be careful about what you sign up for. Providers often offer special deals with broadband, such as offering you the first three months of the service at a reduced rate. This may sound attractive initially, but when you calculate the overall cost for the period of the contract, you may not actually be getting a special deal. Another special offer deal is to offer you a coupon to a certain value for a popular high street store. These special offers sometimes act as a diversion from the real value of a package. Make sure that you do the necessary calculation to determine the actual cost of the contract you wish to sign for.

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