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Coupon Code on WinZip 21 Pro.

Built into this latest version of WinZip is centralised file management features, which can handle content stored in a variety of locations. Whether stored locally, on a network drive or in the cloud, WinZip can handle it

Users will also have the option to watermark photos, resize them, along with converting documents to PDF.

The cloud services here are pretty extensive. Users will have the option to access files via SkyDrive, Google Drive, DropBox, CloudMe, SugarSync, Box, and Zip Send. That’s a lot of options, though, we only tested SkyDrive and surprisingly, it worked very well. We are able to grab files from our SkyDrive account along with uploading zipped files.

The Pro version of WinZip lets you create scheduled backups of your files that run automatically. Afterwards, the backup zip file can be sent to a connected cloud account, between cloud accounts, or to a desktop folder. You can even back up directly to a CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc, and automatically split them over multiple discs if necessary.

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