Throw Away Your Diamond Ring And Get Ready For Super-Computers Instead

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of diamonds at the moment? I bet you think of jewelry and most other people would think the same thing. Maybe you won’t think that way for much longer because diamonds are about to get a little more interesting.

Everyone is desperate for diamonds

Do you think gushing brides-to-be are the only ones interested in diamonds? They are definitely not taken out of the ground just for them. More than half of the diamonds mined are used for completely different industries. There is actually so much of a demand that we can’t pull them out of the ground fast enough. It’s the reason why synthetic diamonds are becoming so popular and will continue to do so.

Cutting and polishing

Diamonds are used in industry quite a lot at the moment even though you might not know what for. Maybe you’ve heard someone talking about a diamond-tipped blade before? They are one of the hardest materials on earth which makes them a great tool to use when cutting things. They are also commonly used for polishing and grinding because no matter what they come up against they don’t break, at least not as much as other materials.

Diamond-based computers

In the future diamonds are going to completely change everything to do with computers. Luckily you won’t need to use any expensive diamonds like the ones in engagement rings. They will definitely be synthetic diamonds. Even though none of the experts can yet tell us exactly how the diamonds will be used they are promising they will bring new super-computers into every home, which you’ve got to admit is very exciting.

They have great properties

The reason they have such high hopes for diamonds is because of their wonderful properties. They have great thermal conductivity and they’re very transparent. When you add on reliability and astounding high pressure resistance you realize the silicon chips they use at the moment can’t even compare. They will have the power to process an enormous amount of data, whereas a silicon chip would simply melt under the same circumstances.

Mobile is taking over

You won’t just have to buy a desktop in order to own a super-computer because imagine how much power they will be able to put into the palm of your hands. Can you believe the technology we now have in our phones is more powerful than the super-computers they had years ago? When diamonds eventually begin to appear inside your smartphone there is no telling how much power it will have. You will be able to do anything on your phone.

Don’t worry about price

We’ve already mentioned this before, but I don’t want you to go away thinking you will have to buy expensive diamonds in the future. The only reason your phone will cost thousands of dollars is if you buy one of those cases made from real diamonds. They have been making synthetic diamonds since the 50s and they’re similar to the exact thing, though you wouldn’t find them in an expensive jewelry collection. They are absolutely vital to many industries and they don’t cost much to create.

What do you think of now?

At the moment you will obviously still think of a giant engagement ring when someone mentions diamonds. I do think it’s going to be different in the future when diamonds completely change your life. When your files and apps open instantly you won’t even remember what else they use diamonds for. You will be so in love with your super-computer you won’t be able to think of anything else.

The contributor of this article, John Ferrero, is an intern at Lior Diamonds, reputed providers of excellent cut diamonds. John is an avid traveler and loves to go on road-trips with his friends on weekends.