How To Develop iPhone Apps on A Windows Computer?

If you are learning on how to develop iPhone apps using a Windows based computer then this article is a must read for you. Contrary to what some people believe, one can easily develop iPhone apps using Windows computer programs and not just Mac supported ones. There are some great options available for designing iPhone app on computers that are Windows based.


One such superb option is Flash CS5.5 which works brilliantly with the Flash iPhone Packager. The iOS packager helps to create apps on Windows. You can use other environment than Adobe to create flash iOS apps. This can easily be done using Flex complier and the apps that have been created can be packaged on an iPhone. Airplay SDK is great Windows based option for creating iPhone apps. It is used for creating games and allows them to sign on a PC. This is one of the best Windows program for 2D as well as 3D apps and games. You can use this along with Flash Cs5.5 can be used for the various compilation of codes that native to the Apple devices directly from Windows system. Majority of the Apple store apps are created with these two programs.

Another great Windows program to develop iPhone apps is Unity 3D. This game development engine has got an in built editor which is powered by two driver knows as Boo and C#. The editor of these programs is supported by both Windows as well as Mac.

Stonetrip S3D is a great Windows option for developing games and managing them. It has got an in built editor which uses IUA and it can also be supported in Mac.

Developing iPhone apps is all about the creativity. Not having a Mac isn’t an excuse to limit your creativity as Windows is offering several great programs that allows you to develop iPhone apps of your choice. It is true that Mac offers some really good and easy to use programs for developing Apple devices apps; however some Windows programs are equally good. In fact, if you are developing complex and detailed apps for iPad or iPhone then few Windows programs provides much better results than the ones that are Mac supported. So what are you waiting for? Try your hand on the programs mentioned above and develop some really cool and useful apps for your Apple devices.

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