Dell 3130CN Printer Review


Color laser printers were considered to be a true luxury just a couple of years ago. These machines were too expensive to afford, and the extraordinary majority of users preferred to buy cheaper inkjet devices, which could have been purchased at a funny price in comparison with laser models. However, technology does not stand still, and nowadays a laser device can be purchased at more than affordable price. Here is a good combination of democratic price and high quality, behold, Dell 3130CN! A perfect option for those who are looking for a feature-rich and speedy (31 ppm B&W) laser printer.


The Dell’s cassette allows to store up to 250 sheets of paper; a multi-purpose flip-out section can handle around 150 sheets of letter-size or legal documents. Actually, it’s not a problem to go beyond the limit: the manufacturer grants an opportunity to purchase an upgraded tray to hold 550 sheets of paper, which should be a useful feature for offices and active print users. You’ll never face any issues with installing the tray can be easily attached just under the laser unit.

Dell 3130CN comes with 256MB of RAM, which is pretty impressive for a laser printer, but there is more to offer. The amount of memory can be increased up to the insane 1GB. Actually, even with basic 256MB RAM the performance leaves a great impression, with 1GB on board it simply exceeds any expectations. Dell 3130CN includes Ethernet, parallel and USB ports; the ability of connecting the printer with computer has also been implemented.

The Dell 3130CN unit is pretty fast, perhaps, in every aspect. Thus, it needs as little as 17-20 seconds to warm-up. It will start printing in 10-11 seconds at the speed of approximately 30 pages per minute with the black toner. Color print speed results are no less impressive: with 17 vivid and colorful pages per minute score it outperforms the majority of its competitors in the same price segment.

Another factor to make a choice in favor of this Dell is an out of box duplexer and color toner saving technology that can be activated when using B&W printing only. The maximum adjustable resolution is 600×600 dots per inch – nothing incredible but in general not so dusty.


A pricy toner is, perhaps, the most disappointing thing about this laser printer. The replacement of toner is more complicated in comparison with other models, and moreover, Dell points out a good number of critical notifications and recommendations to follow and noncompliance may result in a costly repairing. By the way Dell 3130CN is too loud for a laser printer. Producing around 60DB of sound, it may really get on nerves, especially if you are working in a small office.