Defragmenting the Registry

I would be the first to admit that registry cleaners and defraggers come close to the modern day equivalent of ‘snake-oil’. However, being an open-minded (and somewhat adventurous) fellow, I decided to try the  Auslogics Registry Defragmenter which was mentioned in a recent print edition of PC World magazine. I was curious too, to see if it would run on Windows 7 (I told you I am somewhat adventuresome).

Turns out it runs fine.

After downloading and installing- be sure to uncheck the boxes to avoid installing the Ask toolbar- it ran an analysis and reported the results. If I chose to have the registry defragged it would automatically do so at the next reboot. I chose to reboot, and it did it’s job in a few seconds and Windows 7 started normally. Then the following screen was displayed (click image to enlarge in a new window):


Now, I don’t really think that I would notice a 4.4% increase in access speed, but I just might. <g>
Give it a try and see what you think. Do a registry backup and/or set a restore point before attempting this on your home system though!