Data recovery tools: Don’t wait to think about a file recovery service

The wide use of computers in personal and professional areas has created a need for possessing a strong recovery tool. This would ensure an uninterrupted work schedule and save unwanted trouble. Data loss is a taxing experience and being pro-active pays you in the long run, when you actually face such a situation. Equipping yourself with a dependable and comprehensive data recovery tool is essentially needed. You can save from losing your personal data, confidential documents and the priceless family pictures and memories.
There are many data recovery tools available to your rescue. You can choose among them, based on your individual requirement(s) and suitability. Many can be found available free on the web.
Test Disk: This powerful software works with command line. You can perform different functions ranging from having a backup, rebuilding the boot sector, fixing FAT tables and MFT, copying deleted files from partitions to recovery media, to finding lost partitions in numerous formats in locating your lost data. It can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. The Test Disk can perform better than some of the Microsoft tools like the Fixboot and Fixmbr. Even though it has no Graphic User Interface (GUI), you can find it easy to work with.
Recuva and PhotoRec: Functionally, Recuva and PhotoRec are similar but Recuva is more user-friendly as it has a GUI. Recuva works on Windows and provides a simple file-recovery wizard. The wizard is flexible enough to restrict your search type to pictures, documents, videos, or all files etc. You can set the search location (if you happen to know it). The manual mode gives a specific platform to search for your lost files when you are aware of the location to be searched, thus saving the effort of searching the entire hard drive.
The PhotoRec, contrary to its name, is not restricted to photos or images recovery. It is a quick and reliable tool to copy your deleted files to another disk. It saves the undue intrusion into partitions. PhotoRec penetrates into your disks in a safe, read-only mode without disturbing partitions and file systems, and this concentrates only on the missing files.
Restoration: This standalone recovery tool is simple and straightforward in application. It runs on Windows. You can use it to recover files which got removed from the recycle bin, or directly deleted from within Windows. It has a small size (406k), but can perform the basic functions of data recovery software. Although it cannot be applied on all types of deleted files, users have found it worth.
Undelete Plus: It can recover files removed from the Recycle Bin, or which have been permanently deleted from Windows. Files can be sorted by types.
There are other tools like removable media such as memory cards, pen drives, sim cards, zune data, digital pictures and others which are utility specific and can be applied in particular cases. For instance, the removable media data recovery tool is an effective utility, using which you can recover lost, missing, erased or deleted files and folders.

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