Customize Windows 7 After the First Installation

So, now you are done with the installation of windows 7. Your desktop is in front of you. But the classical, old, formal look does not suit you; it gives a kind of boring impression. Do you want to change it? So let’s do a bit of tweaking with your OS to make it little better, stylish, secure and furnished with the essentials. Lets’ perform the operation of making your OS a happening one, step by step.


The windows you just installed may be loaded with lots of already installed programs. Most of these are unnecessary, slow, ineffective and distended. Freeware alternatives for these are a better option. You need to spend some time and uninstall all these unessential, useless software. Be careful that you don’t uninstall any software that may be required, or you will have to either reinstall it after downloading or may have to completely reinstall the windows. Even after clearing all this, a lot of garbage is there in program files directory, windows registry, etc that is cleared using CCleaner.

Install Security Software

Before you connect to internet, you should have a firewall. In Windows 7, firewall is by default turned on. If you are using a modern router, you have a hardware firewall too. When you connect to internet, there are many free virus protection applications or you can opt to protect and maintain your computer with paid software. You should install a good one and keep it updated always. In addition to it, you should also install an anti-spyware.

Install Windows Updates

In start menu, under all programs, click windows update and install all recommended and required updates.

Installing More Software

Without the applications you run on your computer, it is of no use. So, to make the system useful, you need to install many other types of software which are not in-built in windows. Some widely used software include- torrent, adobe reader, adobe flash player, ccleaner, Google chrome, safari (browser), Google Picasa, PC suite, yahoo messenger, video convertor, Nitro pdf reader, Microsoft Office Enterprise edition2007/ 2010, VLC player, skype, etc. Remember not to go overboard and undo all you formatting Windows work..

Setting up Browser and Mail

From the installed web browsers, set one as default web browser. Open your mail account and copy the required contacts to your system, and mails and Google calendar into outlook. This is up to you what you want to do with this.

Arranging Data, Pictures, Videos and Other Stuff

Take your external hard drive or the media where your data backup is saved and start copying it to your system. You can arrange the music, videos, movies, pictures, and other data the way you want to.

Changing Appearance of Desktop

Now is the time to move the magic wand of windows 7 features and change the looks of your desktop with a few clicks. First of all, you should change your theme. It is very easy; go to control panel, in the appearance and personalization option change the theme by selecting the theme you like. You can download a new theme or even create one using pictures in your system which keep on changing periodically. This option has been introduced by Windows 7. This new theme can be saved too for future use.

You can easily change the user picture too. In the User Accounts and family safety option of Control Panel, go to user accounts and then go for change picture. You can either select a picture from the list or use one of your own.

You can also change the username and even set or change the login password from user accounts.

Choose a Backup Option

Now you have customized your Windows and it is now required that you create a backup. Out of many available options, you should better use built in Windows Back up.

It not only backs up all files and folders, but also creates an entire disk image that you can use for restoration if everything is lost. For this, Go to system and security option of control panel and select backup and restore. This process can take several hours, depending on how much data you are backing up.

The other thing you will need to do is decide what type of computer backup storage you prefer.

Thus, customization of windows for the first time after installation of Windows 7 is done. As you use it, you will get familiar to the features and can add more twists and turns and effects to your windows. You can customize the taskbar, icons, add software like Google docs etc. the process of customization never ends…..

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