Am I Too Old To Start A Website?

Running a website or a blog is a highly exciting prospect and a great way to potentially make a lot of money. It is of course for these reasons that so many blogs and websites are now springing up around the web and that so many of us have aspirations of starting up one ourselves.

Of these people looking at getting started though there are certainly some demographics better represented than others and specifically it seems that many of us think of blogging as a young person’s game. Of course though this is a huge misconception and actually there’s really no reason why someone more advanced in years can’t launch a site of their own and be just as successful. Here then we will look at how you can beat the stereotype and why it might be such a good idea to start a site when you’re older.

Benefits of Being an Elderly Web Master

First of all, if you’re thinking of becoming a webmaster then you’re probably be aware already of the potential financial advantages and creative expression that can come from running your blog. At the same time though this might also all benefit you even more if you’re retired and looking for a new hobby and a way to supplement your pension.
Meanwhile if you are retired then this might also mean that you have a lot more available time which will give you a HUGE advantage over those who are running a blog and holding down a job. By having so much more time to write and to market you can easily see your website climb through the SERPs.
There’s also a surprisingly large market for people who want to write at an advanced age. There are plenty of silver surfers, but relatively few sites out there to cater to them. Of course though if you’d rather write on more general topics your age can be an advantage as it will lend you authority (and where it’s not an advantage… no one needs to know!).


There are of course some challenges to running a blog when you’re older though, and many if these will revolve around the fact that technology advances at such a rapid rate – and that some older people are left behind if they don’t have an active interest in it.
Of course though this shouldn’t put you off. First of all you’ll find that it’s easy to learn the basics when you jump in and often it’s just a matter of diving in at the deep end and undergoing a little trial and error. There’s no need to fear ‘getting it wrong’.
Meanwhile if you still aren’t confident you can of course just ask for help – and usually you’ll find there’s a relative or friend who’s happy to explain things and to set you up with your account so that all you need to do is write. You could even offer to split the profits…

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