How to create a safe Windows 8 login password?

With the efforts of Microsoft, we are finally hearing some good news about Windows 8 sales these days, especially the sales of Windows 8 tablets. We can also find that the amount of Windows 8 applications has also increased greatly, up to over 50,000. With more and more Windows 8 users, it is even important for us to get knowledge of Windows 8 password security. We can say that there’s not much point to have a Windows 8 user account if you don’t create a password for it. Administrators, especially should have passwords to protect data security in your Windows 8 PC. If not, others can freely reign to snoop through your files without your permission by clicking on the sign-in screen.


When it comes to Windows 8 password, it is necessary to mention the new password features in Windows 8. Users are allowed to create a text password firstly and then create a picture password or a PIN code as a supplement of text password. For the latter two password forms, it is said that they are developed to optimize the situation that users can’t remember their login password and have to reset Windows 8 password frequently. So, how to create a safe login password in Windows 8?

Firstly, we talk about text password in Windows 8. Similar to password in other systems, text password in Windows 8 is composed of uppercase/lowercase letters, digits as well as special symbols. To create a safe text password, you’d better avoid simple combinations of your characters. That’s to say, try to make your password long and complex. Besides, keep your Windows 8 login password unique. Don’t use the same password used for other websites or accounts.

Then, a reliable picture password or PIN code is also necessary. A picture password is a new form of authentication means developed by Microsoft. Users can freely choose a picture of their own and draw three gestures on it. When they log in Windows 8, they just need to draw the same three gestures on the picture. Users are free to let their imaginations soar. Therefore, a point to make a safe picture password is to be creative. In addition, the types, directions and the combinations of your gestures matter a lot. Make them as various as possible. As for PIN code, the four digits should be in certain order or the same digit.

Besides, after we have created a safe Windows 8 password, we should also pay attention to some other aspects. First and foremost, remember to leave password hints for your password. They are helpful to recall your password when you forget it. A password reset disk will also save you a lot of troubles to reset you lost Windows password. Actually, a password reset disk is necessary no matter what systems you are using. For example, Windows Server 2008 password reset disk can help its users to reset lost password in a few minutes. You should also keep your Windows 8 PC in good condition to prevent attacks from malware, say, regular virus scan and spyware check.

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