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Avira Antivirus Pro 2016 10% OFF Coupon Code.

Avira Antivirus Pro comes with a web shield to ensure browsing security via the Avira search engine, mail protection to filter downloads and email attachments (support for POP3, IMAP and SMPT email clients), rootkit protection, cloud assistance, Windows Firewall configuration from the Avira panel, along with a shell extension to quickly scan files, folders and drives via the Windows Explorer context menu.

Avira antivirus protection is a great investment if you are looking for solid PC security.

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It is easy to use and stands up well against the competition. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Avira as the computer antivirus protection of choice for your PC.




  • Antivirus Scanner
    Total protection from malware.
  • Real-time cloud protection
    Protects you from emerging threats.
  • Blocks PUA
    Blocks hidden applications bundled with legitimate software.
  • Email Protection
    Scans emails for malware.
  • Network Protection
    Scans files shared on your network.
  • Advanced Web Protection
    Safely surf, shop, stream, download and bank online.
  • Game Mode
    Suspends unnecessary notifications during games and movies.
  • Browser Tracking Blocker
    Prevents ad networks from monitoring what you do online.
  • Safe Browsing
    Blocks harmful websites before they load.
  • Avira Price Comparison
    Saves you money while shopping online