Could you survive without the Internet?

It may seem a strange question for some, especially for those around my age who grew up on printed newspapers, AM radio and fuzzy antenna-based TV as our links to the outside world. FM radio was the domain of college radio stations, there were no VCRs and definitely no home computers. An electric typewriter was hundreds of dollars; now I don’t think you could hardly buy one new anywhere, can you?

So, some of us could survive, but….

There are others though that depend on the Internet for their livelihood and so it is understandable that they would suffer financially (and mentally!) without access to the Web.

The reason I posed the above question is that I am soon to go on vacation to a lakeside cottage with no established ‘Net access, and likely no unsecured wireless access point nearby. Typically, I take my trusty Dell laptop on trips with me, mainly for the streaming audio I enjoy and not so much to keep ‘connected’. It will be impossible to update WindowsTalk, of course so there will be lull in postings while I am away.

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Otherwise, I don’t find it much of an inconvenience, and I will get more reading done!

How about you? Can you survive a few days without the Internet? Or do you depend on it always being there? Please share your thoughts below.