Copy and Paste a HTML Link Into an Email Message

If you’re new to computers and you are browsing the Internet and find something you want to share with your friends, you will need to copy and paste the HTML link into an email to send. this way your friend can click on the link and be taken to the same website to see what you have sent. It is very easy to do once you have done it a few times. If you want to copy and paste the HTML link of a website or a link on the page of a website follow this tutorial below.

When browsing your favorite website, you will notice an address bar at the top with the URL (fancy name for address) of the website you are viewing. This is the text that you will have to copy in order to share it through an email.

How to copy and paste a HTML link into an email?

1. Go to the address bar at the top of the page when you are viewing the web page you want to share.

2. Select the text (URL) by making it blue.

3. When the text is blue, right click on the blue area and a menu will appear. The menu will not show up if the text is not blue.

4. From the menu choose copy. This will copy the exact text that you made blue.

5. Open your email program and open a new message. This could either be your Outlook email, your Thunderbird email, or even your Hotmail email. You can also paste this HTML link into a Word document.

6. When you have your new message open, right click in the message area where you would write that message, and another menu will appear.

7. Choose paste from the menu. This will paste the text that you copied into your email. The same applies for a Word document.

How to copy and paste a HTML link that is on a website?

If you are on a website and there is a list of links and you want to copy one of them, this is an easy task to do.

1. When you are in your favorite Internet browser looking at a website with links, instead of left clicking on a link to follow through, you can right click on it and a menu will appear.

2. When the menu shows up you can choose copy Link location if you are using Firefox, and copy shortcut if you are using Internet Explorer.

If you are using the Firefox web browser you can send a link to someone by choosing it from the menu.

1. Open Firefox and find the website that you want to share with your friend.

2. Go to the file menu at the top of the page.

3. Choose send link from the menu.

4. This will open your email program on your computer. If you are not using something like Outlook or Thunderbird on your computer then this will not work.

In Internet Explorer:

1. Press on the page link at the top.

2. Choose send link by email from the menu.

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