How to Convert Scanned Images to Microsoft Excel and Word on Windows

We often scan documents for “official” purposes, like applying for a job or a higher academic degree, proving that we’ve never been convicted, informing interested parties of our marital and bank account status, etc. A scanned image document is quite sufficient in these cases.

However, there are situations when a scanned document proves to be problematic because of its many limitations. One example are files in administrative sectors, public institutions and libraries that are still kept in physical folders and need to be digitalized, so they are scanned and introduced into the computer system.

However, once scanned, they cannot be modified. For example, if a doctor needs to insert new information into a scanned medical report, she will not be able to do that unless she converts it to an editable format.

The problem with scanned images is that they are nothing but photos: excellent for viewing purposes, but completely useless when it comes to managing and modifying them. If you have a scanned textbook of about 500 pages and are looking for a specific subtitle or keyword, you’ll have a hard time finding it, because you cannot use the Find or Search option. You also cannot select parts of the scanned document and extract them to a new document in order to use them for a new project.

Having said all this, it is obvious we need software for converting scanned images into editable formats. This software is called Optical Character Recognition software that “reads” scanned text and images, matches them with existing fonts in its database and creates a document that is as close to the original scanned file as possible.

Not many tools are able to maintain this accuracy when performing OCR conversion and one such quality tool is the PDF Converter Elite 3.

This PDF software for Windows users turns images into Microsoft Excel or Word files, depending on which output format you need. The program is very easy to use and performs smooth conversions, which makes it one of the best tools for scanned image management.

Here’s how to convert images into MS Excel and Word documents:

1)      Open the PCE 3 and click on the “Open” tab in the menu bar:


2)      Select a scanned image you wish to convert and click on the “Convert” tab. In the drop down menu select your preferred output format:


3)      A dynamic sidebar will appear on the right, where you’ll be able to select an output type (if you are converting to Word) and click on the green “Convert to Word” button. When converting to Excel, just click on the “Convert to Excel” button.


In three easy steps we’ve converted scanned documents into editable formats and avoided tedious manual retyping of data.

Note that PDF Converter Elite 3 accepts scanned images that are in JPG, BMP and TIFF formats.