Control your house from your Windows phone

A decade ago, a mobile phone was just that – a phone. Now our mobile phones have advanced to the next level and become smartphones; including the likes of the Windows phone as well as the Apple iPhone. This jump in technology not only allows us to make phone calls but also send emails, enable flight check-in, reserve hotel rooms and even act as our personal trainer.

Yet what’s extremely revolutionary is how technology now lets us connect to other devices, linking anything from your television, computer and now – your house.

Make a house a home using your Windows phone

With more and more people using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as much quicker alternative forms of connection, businesses are realising the potential in syncing appliances.

Whether it’s linking your handset to your car or tethering your phone to your tablet, companies are constantly developing innovative ways to improve people’s daily routines – and enhancing the safety of your home is no exception.

Turn your smartphone into a safephone

Why install the latest alarm system or go through the hassle of setting up CCTV when you can monitor the safety of your home direct from your smartphone? As one of the most widely used operating systems, Windows is a trusted and well-known source of technology used all over the world – making the Windows phone an ideal home safety solution.

How does it work?

There’s a variety of home safety companies to choose from, each with its own smartphone technology. However, it’s best to speak with their experts in order to assess what type of security you need as well as a safety plan that meets your budgetary requirements. Most businesses will help tailor a package around your preferences, allowing you to identify any areas of weakness and ways to improve your home security.

The most common option is to set up a digital home security system and install the relevant application provided by the company of your choice. Using a wireless network, you can operate any digital alert devices directly from your smartphone, allowing you to control features such as:

  •  Cameras
  •  Home safety devices
  •  Carbon monoxide
  •  Heat detector
  •  Gas
  •  Lighting
  •  Fire

Simply log in to your app and you can keep track of your home’s safety, or instantly arm or disarm your system directly from your smartphone. Control your house wherever you are, whenever you want – and be safe in the knowledge that your home is safe thanks to your Windows phone.

Rachel Hurley is a freelance writer that has built up substantial experience writing for a number of news sites; and is proud to be a pro in the technology sector – specialising in home intelligence.

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