5 Ways To Connect To The Internet From Your Vehicle

A few years ago you wouldn’t have cared about the internet, but these days it seems like nobody can live without it. Did you know it’s now easy to connect to the internet from your car? Before you do you will need the help of some external devices, so we’re going to look at all the options you have available to you.

Carry an internet dongle with you


Internet dongles have been around for years, but with each year that passes they become more and more powerful. You can pick one up today and you will be guaranteed a good reception unless you’re driving around in the middle of nowhere. If you spend a lot of time in the car with children who want to connect to the internet it’s a good idea to carry one about with you and it shouldn’t cost you too much per month.

Use your smartphone as a hot spot


The reason why the dongle is a great idea when you have children is because you won’t want them to use your phone in case you need it, but if you’re the one who wants to connect to the internet you could just use your smartphone as a hot spot. You can obviously surf the net on your phone, but you might not want to use the small screen. That is why you can turn your phone into a small Wi-Fi network and connect it to your laptop.

Broadband modems on the go


If you want to take things to the next level you can buy a special modem that is designed for people on the go. This is perfect for families who travel together because everyone might want to connect to the internet at the same time. It makes sense to have a modem that everyone can connect to instead of passing a phone or dongle back and forth. Maybe you might want to pick one of these up before you set off on your next road trip.

Stick a satellite dish on your car


If you have a small car you can just ignore this option, but if you drive around in a RV it could be perfect for you. You can also connect a satellite to a bigger car if you don’t mind looking a little silly as you’re driving down the road. Because your vehicle will have a large satellite sitting on top of it you will be able to pick up a reception in places that would be impossible with something as small as a dongle.

Connected car dashboard


Now we’re moving onto something that is going to become huge in the future, because instead of needing an external device your car will be able to connect to the internet on its own. You might not be able to surf the net to go shopping, but you will be able to access a collection of purpose-built apps. Your car will also be able to do things like inform the emergency services if you’re involved in a crash, because you might not be able to do it on your own if your smartphone gets smashed up.

The future is upon us


Most people didn’t even have access to the internet a few decades ago, but now everyone expects to be connected to the net 24hrs per day. It was only a matter of time before we had access to the internet in our cars and as you can see from what we’ve talked about today it’s now more than possible. You might not need to access the internet from your car every day, but at least you have it when you need it.

This post has been authored by Harry Blake, an automobile enthusiast and an avid blogger. He shares keen insight on topics related to the auto industry online. He writes for Get Me Tires, a company providing a range of car tires at affordable prices. He enjoys dirt bike racing when he gets free from work.