Confused About Cloud? 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Be

cloud storageIf you have ever sent your files through Google Drive, DropBox, or Evernote, you have used cloud hosting and tech. These files are not stored on your computer but on servers located in various places around the world. While cloud computing is a very exciting platform across various industries, there’s a tendency for people to be confused. Hence, here are the reasons why you must not be.

1. The Process of Cloud Computing is Virtually Easy

The remote or virtual locations for the servers offer a safe place for your files when you are not storing them on-site or in a certain location. Many business owners who supervise technology for their organizations are facing the challenge of managing various tech necessities, on a limited budget, with staff distributed across different places. Businesses often buy servers for their data centers, networking equipment, storage plans through cloud, in addition to just being optimistic that all will work out fine.

2. Cloud Computing is Convergence

Cloud computing is possible because of convergence in infrastructure which is jargon for getting all the tools in one container. In the past decade, this was impossible, but many companies are aiming to make their operations easier and faster. To explain it simply, converged infra is getting all components in a bundle which include networking devices, servers, and storage.

3. Cloud Computing is Simply Flexible

With cloud hosting and tech, allocating resources can be very flexible, with the mindset that the platform can be changed easily according to the demands of your market. If on a specific day the demand could increase a hundredfold, then the process can be flexible enough to conform to the needs and can be adjusted to the regular volume once the demand goes back to normal.

4. Resource Pooling Makes It Easier to Pool Resources

Your business can serve a large volume of customers through cloud computing as it uses multi-server platforms where various resources are dynamically adjusted according to the needs of the market.

5. Flexible Pricing

Many people are confused because of the flexible pricing of cloud storage services. Cloud computing doesn’t have fixed prices because it is totally based on usage of services. You will be charged based on the services you use.  This will help you monitor your usage and ultimately help in reducing expenses.

6. Cloud Computing Can Be Excellent in Quality

Most providers of cloud hosting are offering the best services. In order to avoid confusion, it is recommended to include guarantee on 24/7 availability, enough resources, bandwidth, and performance.  Any compromise in these attributes can be fatal for customers. The decision to transfer to the cloud must not be based on industry hype alone.

7. On-Demand Services and Self-Service Platforms

Cloud hosting and tech is essentially based on self-service and on-demand business platforms. It must allow the user to engage with the hosted servers to complete tasks such as management, deployment, establishment, and schedules. Users can easily access computing capabilities and when they are beneficial and without the interaction from the providers.

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