Computers – What Will Come Next?

A look at how computers have changed over the years and what to expect in the future.
Originally, surprisingly enough, the early model computers filled an entire room. In fairness the first calculator was exactly the same, filled an entire room and at the end of it you could electronically work out what two and two made. At the time it is surprising as to why they just didn’t think, what is the point? However as it is certain most would agree, it is a good job they did, as computers, and of course by extension the internet make things, and by things it is literally everything nowadays, a hell of a lot easier.
In and around the late 70s, when computers became available to the public i.e. available to anyone who could afford one, they quickly became known as desktop PCs. This name was quite straightforward in all fairness as the computer itself tended to fill a desk and it would have separate monitor, which still has large scale application today. As with anything technological they tend to get smaller over time.
The first change was the introduction off all in ones. Now this surely doesn’t need explaining. However, for those who are uncertain, these were computers that had all the components in one place. So effectively all of the parts for the computer were put into the monitor. The main firm to adopt this idea was the technological giants surely most people on the planet know as Apple. They had the Macintosh.
As with anything it has its good and bad points. The bad being as everything was basically hard to get to as it was all squeezed into the back of a screen, this made it difficult to replace and/or fix parts as and when they broke. Which it could be argued in some circles (which, it isn’t known) that that is why desktop pcs survived all these years.
Over the last few years PCs have again developed and as mentioned earlier have managed to basically get themselves smaller and smaller. To the point they can now be held in your hand. No, these are not laptops, they are genuinely handheld computers. They can practically be taken anywhere with you. These are extremely popular with those working on construction sites among numerous other professions. They will suit nearly everyone’s needs.
It is scary to think what once filled an entire room now can be held in your hand. The question now needs to be asked, what will be next?

Arnie Sykes writes on behalf of Alexander Ward Ltd T.A Quaduro Systems