Windows 8: How does it compare to Windows 7?

clip_image002Windows 8 has created a lot of noise online. Well, this is something that was expected, even to Linux and Mac users. Windows 8 has been enhanced and it is better and faster than windows 7. Using windows 8 will offer you enhancements like metro design, windows store, fast boot and others.

The best thing about this OS is that it is not only upgraded to create remarkable software, but some of the old options have been removed. Therefore, if you know that you are going to miss some of the old features, then you should not consider moving to windows 8. However, know that you will be missing for the best and fastest OS upgrade ever.

Below are the features that you will find on windows 8.

1. The start button

Did you know that the first start button appeared on Windows 95? Yes! And since then, each version comes with its own version of start button. Therefore, even windows 8 has its own design and unique start button.

Windows 7 has a circular start button with a logo of windows at the middle. Widows 8 has a square start button with some small colored boxes in it. Hence this makes this OS look good and attractable on you screen.

2. The Start menu

Everybody knows how the start menu of windows 7 looks like, menu reveals all the programs that are running in your computer as well as it the shortest way to launch one. However, when it comes to windows 8, the start menu is a little different. In actual sense, the start menu is known as start screen in windows 8. The reason for this is that, it opens in the whole screen. This is a clear indication that windows 8 is the best because of its visibility on the start menu.

3. The theme

Windows 7 or vista are using the aero glass theme. This theme was cool but it is out of date. Windows 8 has introduced new theme. Windows 8 is using the metro-style theme.

4. The flipping 3D images

When windows 7 was first introduced, many people like its look and its flip 3D images. However, now windows has completely abandoned it on its new windows 8. This makes it better, because instead of using flip 3D, they have replaced it with a modern UI app switcher. It is accessible by just moving your mouse up from the bottom-left corner or vice-versa.

NOTE:this application cannot be used for your desktop apps; it can only be used to switch to the desktop background or image.

5. The desktop gadgets

Windows 7 is known for its desktop widgets like calendar, clock, contacts, currency conversion, weather and others. These widgets will no longer be available as a part of windows sidebar. In other words, these gadgets you will get them readily on the start screen. This makes windows 8 the best because you do not have to straggle looking for them because they are readily accessible.

6. Notifications

On all the current windows that we have today, all the notifications on updated you will get them on the notification area, through system trays and through notification balloons. However, on windows 8 these notifications will not appear on your desktop. All of them will be shown during login and lock screens. If you are a person who automatically logs to your PC, you might not even see them.

7. The media center

As you know, windows media center is not included to any version of windows as default. Therefore, this will still apply on windows 8. However, I recommend you to check out its design because it is totally different and clear.

8. Recent documents

All windows version have an option for recent documents on the start menu. But on windows 8, you will not get that option. Therefore, you will have to use search option to find any document on your PC.

9. Backup and restore option

Many users love the idea where you can back up and restore features to your previous settings. This gives users the security that they can back all their features as they like then previously. This option is still on windows 8 but it comes in a whole new design.


It is clear that all the features included and improved on windows 8 is ok. These features will make your P to be faster and prevent hanging even more that windows 7. Hopefully this article is helpful to you to make the necessary change you need.

Author Bio: Mohd Aktar is a writer and part time blogger from India. He writes on a wide range of topics including Windows 7 Gadgets, the latest reviews and news. Visit his blogs at –