Most Common Outlook Email Errors, Their Cause and Solutions

Outlook SupportMS Outlook is the most opted-for email client these days. Every big or small organization is using this email client for secure email communication. But sometimes unwittingly one can meet to several issues while working on this email client.

A few common Outlook errors, their cause & solutions are described below:

1 – Outlook Email Send Error: “Object not found” or “The operation failed. An object could not be found”. Following “object not found” error comes when user tries to send or receive emails. The most possible reasons for the error are –

Cause 1- Above stated error comes if the User’s Outlook profile is corrupted.

Solution – The best solution is to create a new Outlook profile. With the given steps user can easily create the New Outlook Profile.

Go to Windows Control Panel -> Mail -> Mail Setup -> Show Profiles -> Add to create a new Outlook profile -> Add your email account and try sending the message again.

Cause 2 – You may face such errors because of incorrect SMTP settings.

Solution – Go to the SMTP settings and check them manually. And another and easiest way is to do it by deleting your email account and add that again. And this time don’t use the option to auto-detect mail server settings. To remove your account you can go to Outlook file menu -> Account Settings.

Cause 3 – Accidental deletion of your PST mailbox data from workgroup.

Solution – Delete your current profile recreate the new one. Ref – To know steps for creating a new Outlook profile check solution for cause 1.

2 – Sending reported error no 0x800CCC80: “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”. This error comes when user tries to send emails from his Outlook. User can meet to above discussed error in case of below scenarios-

Cause – When you have entered wrong Outgoing Mail Server settings.

Solution – To deal with the above error; you have to correct the mail server settings. With the steps mentioned below user can correct the mail server settings.

Go to your Outlook File menu -> Account Settings -> double click on your email account -> More Settings -> Outlook Server -> Mark the option “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication”, then mark the option “Log on to incoming server before sending mail”.

User can also try the default repair add-on that is available on the Account Settings window.

3 – M S Outlook error code 8: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”. This error triggered when user tries to send or receive emails from outlook via Proxy Server. Most common reasons for the error are –

Cause – You are using windows that have outdated root certificates.

Solution – Open your Windows panel and search for new updates to Root Certificate. Select the updates options and install them.

4 – Sending / Receiving reported error: “Outlook data file cannot be accessed (error no 8004010F)”.

Identical to Outlook “object not found” error this error comes when user tries to send or receive emails. The regular reasons behind the error are:

Cause – Emails are being saved to wrong locations. It happens when user uses multiple email profiles with single Outlook.

Solution – In above scenario it is possible that your Outlook tries to save your email files to wrong location. To resolve this issue, please remove your Outlook data files from your Outlook account. And then add them again. Below is the path to perform above function –

Account Settings -> Data files list and add them again.

Solution 2 – User can also try to change the folder where emails are being delivered by Outlook.

Select the preferred account from File -> Account Settings and click on “Change Folder”.

I hope above discussed “Outlook send or receive email errors and their solutions” article will help you in having smoother Outlook email communications. All the above discussed errors are minor but the most triggered errors. In case your data gets completely destoyed because of any major OST file corruption then the best solution is to go for any professional third-party software.

Note: Purchasing third party recovery software is the matter of situation; buy any software at your own risk.

If you are a regular Outlook user then please share your experience via our comment section.

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