Common Laptop Hardware Faults

To many of us, today’s technology could just as well be magic. A laptop is, to some, essentially a magic box powered by tiny elves. After all, you don’t really need to know how it works as long as it does what you want.

However, a broken laptop is incredibly frustrating, and if you are not aware of what’s gone wrong, you may pay more than you need to for repair. Or, you may end up shelling out a large chunk of cash to buy a new laptop when a simple fix exists.

Check out these common hardware faults so that you are more informed.

Laptop Screen Problems 

A number of hardware issues can result in screen problems. This can be very frustrating and make you want to head out and buy some industrial monitors, but many issues can be repaired.

  • No screen light or very faint screen light: It is likely your screen backlight lamp or screen inverter has failed, or that both have failed at the same time. These parts can both be replaced.
  • Garbled image or strange colors: Your graphics card may have failed. If the image is fine when the laptop is connected to another screen, you may have a poor connection between the motherboard and the video cable, a video cable failure or a broken screen.

Battery and Power Problems 

Without power your laptop may as well just be an expensive paper weight.

  • The laptop will not charge or requires fiddling with the AC power port to charge: If the laptop will charge with adjustments to the charger, then your DC power connector may be loose. If the laptop will run but the battery will not charge, your battery may need to be replaced.
  • The laptop will not turn on or charge: This may be due to a run-down battery along with a faulty DC power connector or a faulty charger.

Motherboard Problems 

A faulty motherboard can cause a whole range of problems. All of the below can be due to a bad motherboard:

  • The laptop will not turn on at all. This may be due to a failed motherboard or a problem with the connection between the DC jack and the motherboard.
  • The laptop turns on and off repeatedly. This could also be a memory problem.

Hard Drive Problems 

Always back up your data, and this problem will not be as bad as it could be. Hard drive problems can manifest as:

  • A noise while the laptop is running – there may be a problem with the cooling fan or the hard drive may fail soon.
  • A white cursor against a black screen after starting up can be a sign of a bad hard drive.

This guest post contributed by James, a technology enthusiast, with special interest in everything from custom computers to industrial monitors.