Common Brother Printer Problems (and How to Fix Them)

When your Brother printer breaks down, it can be extremely frustrating. Especially if there is an upcoming deadline, interview, or important sales call you need your printer to work. If you are experiencing printer problems, read below for a few possible solutions to get your printer working in no time.

 “Printing only one document”

General – Multiple Printers

If your printer is only printing one document when you asked for more than one, then follow these steps. Go to your control panel and click on printers. Right click on the printer icon for your machine and select properties. Under the advanced tab, you will find a box that says enable advanced printing features. Disable and click OK.

 “Won’t print black and white”

Brother MFC 290c, LC61

With this printer, you need to make sure that you have color ink full in addition to the black and white or it won’t print. Even though you aren’t using color in a black and white print, the printer will continue to say replace ink until the color is full also.

“Won’t print logo and text at the same time”

General Brother Printers

Some brother printers will not allow you to print a bitmap logo along with normal text; you have to print one or the other. Fortunately there are two workarounds for this:

1. Use the Anchor “As Character” setting for the images.
2. Export to PDF and print from the PDF document.

“Printer defaulting to fax instead of print?”

General Brother Printers

If your Brother printer is defaulting to fax instead of print everytime you go to print something, don’t worry the problem can be fixed. Right click on the printer in the control panel menu and click make it default.

“Brother toner quitting before its really done”

Brother HL-5170 DN

Sometimes brother printers will not let you print because it says that you are out of toner even when you are not. There is a way that you can trick the printer into letting you continue to print by placing a small piece of tape over the eye at the bottom of the machine if you remove the imaging cartridge. Just make sure that you look out for when the toner is getting low as this is the sensor that you are turning off.

“Replace Toner won’t go away”

Brother DCP-9045 CDN

If you have just replaced the toner but the printer still thinks it is empty, there is a very easy fix. Just like for electrical systems in cars that report the oil %, you have to reset the system every time it is replaced. To do this press the clear/back button on the control panel while opening the cover at the same time. This will give you the reset menu.

This list of helpful printer solutions was created by; for a vast catalogue of Brother ink cartridges and toners, check out what’s available on their site.