Cloud hosting and the benefits to SMEs

Nowadays, cloud computing is a huge element of the business world and something that it’s essential to make use of if you want your business to succeed. Although cloud computing is something that’s beneficial to all manner of businesses, a lot of small and medium sized companies still haven’t got on board because they’re not aware of the benefits that cloud hosting could bring to their business.

If you try and think back to a time when businesses didn’t rely on computers, email communication and other technology, you’ll probably find it pretty difficult. For so many years now technology has been at the centre of success in the business world and it is the constant changes in technology that help to maintain competition in industry.

The reality is, if you want your business to be successful then you need to follow technology’s lead and revolutionise the way you work with cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting has meant that businesses have become much more flexible as remote working has become possible. Cloud computing means that everything that any member of your company works on is stored in an encrypted format so that it can only be accessed by members of your company, but it can be accessed from anywhere there’s an internet connection so you don’t have to be at your desk.

Saving money

With cloud computing there’s no physical object for your company to deal with, which means that you don’t need to spend money on new hardware, software or licenses, because the application does everything for you. It also minimises the need for IT staff within your company because all problems that arise will be managed by your provider.


Cloud computing is constantly upgrading but it does it without disturbing your work or your business’ services and because the service that you’re provided with is always the best available it means that you don’t have to spend money on new versions of software when yours becomes outdated.

Monthly subscription

For small and medium enterprises cash flow is exceptionally important and is always being monitored. A lot of cloud services give their clients the option to pay monthly which means that new technology becomes much more affordable because there aren’t any upfront payments or contracts to be locked into. This consequently means that SMEs have access to the top services and can therefore compete with the big businesses out there for a fraction of the cost they’d otherwise have spent to develop such technology in-house.

Quick set up

Because with cloud hosting services you don’t require any kind of software or hardware set up, the time it takes to get up and running depends only on how long it takes you to enter your business details and method of payment.


A top cloud hosting provider will make sure that all data that’s stored in the cloud is encrypted –which means that only company employees will be able to access it – and backed up securely. This kind of service takes a lot of pressure off SMEs who would traditionally have to find the funds to back-up their data themselves.

Environmentally friendly

Businesses could reduce their carbon emissions by as much as 50 per cent by using cloud hosting as it significantly reduces the need for any paper systems because everything is done online.

Disaster recovery

It’s important for every company with a computer system to consider disaster recovery and back-up of some kind. If a normal computer server crashes then a business’ computer system can be out of action for a few days but data has shown that a cloud user’s recovery time is greatly reduced.

Employee control

Cloud services put the employees in control as it means that they can access all of the documents they could need whenever they need to from wherever they are because it’s a central system. It could also potentially reduce a company’s running costs because it makes remote working even easier, so if employees don’t have to be sat at their desks, SMEs could save a lot of money by moving to smaller premises which would give them the ability to focus even more on improving the services that they offer.

Putting employees in control and allowing them flexibility will result in increased motivation and increased productivity and therefore improved employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Cloud hosting is very much the norm for big companies but more and more SMEs are seeing the light and realising the benefits that a cloud computing service could provide their business with too. If you want your business to become more flexible, agile, motivated and productive then it’s probably time to start thinking about cloud computing.

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