Taking Control of Clickbomb Attacks

Google and their AdSense program is a great way to make money and has been a huge supplement of income for me for a very long time. Unfortunately my niche has been very competitive and with my success a few competitors have decided to use shady methods to get ahead. To summarize in short, my competitor had setup a bot to continuously view my website and click on the AdSense advertisements. Of course when Google saw a huge spike in my website in such a short time from a single country it seemed fishy. Google ended up closing my AdSense account and the money I had made in an ethical manner was lost with it. Google did not care about my loss and the months that followed had me trying to get a new AdSense account approved and running. I had lost thousands in the process. I have recently gotten a new AdSense account running with my website and this time I set up Clickbomb Defense to stop future attacks from competitors. In the rest of this article I would like to discuss what a Clickbomb Defense is and why it should be considered by anyone wanting to make money through AdSense.

First and foremost Clickbomb Defense is a plugin for WordPress that limits the amount a website will display AdSense advertisements. If someone was to click on your page they will be limited to the amount of times an AdSense advertisement appears and thus spammers looking to click your ads will not get much access. It does not matter if you have a few views a day or hundreds, people can be very competitive and attack their competing niches, thus Clickbomb Defense essential to anyone wanting to make money through AdSense.

Clickbomb Defense may sound bittersweet because many assume limiting AdSense advertisements will hinder normal users. This problem has been thought of and solved. Instead of showing AdSense advertisements all the time it will switch with other CPA advertisement services. Therefor you will always be making profit and still avoiding losing your AdSense account due to a clickbomb attack.

Finally Clickbomb Defense does not eat away at a person is wallet. It is not designed to be a cash grab for the developers and the prices reflect that. In fact you could say that it pays for itself. If you did not have it and someone decided to attack your website with clickbombs then you would more likely than not be banned from your AdSense account and be left with months of lost wages. It is no different than putting insurance on your home or vehicle, the only difference is you only have to pay once and be protected for life.
With competition stooping to such lows to eliminate competitors it only makes sense to get protected. Google is not your ally when it comes to clickbomb attacks and will only ban you once they see the huge fluctuations in views. To mediate this, a simple WordPress plugin like Clickbomb Defense can keep these sorts of attacks at bay. With alternating CPA advertisements being displayed and only having to pay once you will not be losing much if anyone money, you could actually see yourself making more money in the end! Do not let unethical competitors get in your way and try Clickbomb Defense now!