Choose the perfect domain name in 7 easy steps

One of the most important steps to creating an online identity for a business is the domain name. Today, it is easy to select a domain name, register it and develop a website but what has not changed even with better technology is the difficulty of selecting an appropriate name for the website. Follow these simple 7 steps to create the perfect domain name that will etch your website into the minds of all visitors forever.
Step 1: The Right Domain Extension
Even before you can think of a name for your website, think of the extension your domain shall use. There are extensions specific to the country you operate in such as .us, .uk, .in etc. but the best extensions are .com, .org and .net. Those who want a localized effect on their website should opt for localized extensions as previously mentioned.
Step 2: Use Only Alphabet, Numbers and Simplicity
There was a time when hyphens were popular in domain names. Today, it is simply irritating to type hyphens. Hence, do not use symbols, hyphens and dashes. Keep it simple sticking to the alphabet, numerals and register a plain name.
Step 3: Easy to Recollect
The shorter a domain name is the simpler it is to remember. Using tough but impressive words may sound unique but they are harder to memorize instantly and will definitely be forgotten by customers.
Step 4: Try Plurals and Alternatives
Most of the time, you will find your perfect domain name already registered. Try to use plurals instead or select a close alternative. One idea is to describe what you do rather than what your company name is. See all angles to find the closest name to your organization.
Step 5: Register Early
If you think that you can wait a few months before selecting a domain name then think again because domain names are purchased in the thousands each second. Register your name when you are cooking up ideas for your subsequent business so that you need not worry about an appropriate name afterwards. And remember never to choose a name close to that of another company or rival as it can put you in legal complications.
Step 6: Purchase Rights to All Similar Names and Extensions
Your goal as an online business is to ensure that competitors do not get an edge on you. By leaving extensions and similar names to your domain name unregistered you are providing others a chance to reap the rewards of your hard work. So, the moment you register your domain name, purchase the rights to all related extensions and names.
Step 7: Be Timely With Renewals
Call it more of a precautionary step rather than one to follow at the beginning, being timely with renewals ensures that others do not steal your name after you have made it popular. It is best to purchase long licenses to your domain name so that you need not worry about renewals anytime soon.
It is simple and cheap to register a domain name nowadays. However, this tiny investment can either make or break your online presence so sit down and spend some time cooking up a unique but effective domain name.
Author Bio: My name is Catalita. When I created my first website I spent a lot of time searching and thinking of the perfect domain (it is interesting to know the term in Swedish is  Domän).  A good and reliable hosting and a nice and memorable domain name are very important when launching new website.