Choose The Best Internet Provider in 5 Easy Steps

Going through your recent internet bill can give you a heart attack. The jargons used in them and the bill amount will hide away the fact that you are getting appalling service and by the time you are frustrated enough to change connections, you would have lost all energy to search for the best IPS in your area. Moreover, technology, terminology, services and prices keep on constantly changing so here are just a few steps we suggest to follow so that you can catch hold of a reliable high speed Internet Service Provider.

Step 1: Ask Yourself What You Want

Everyone uses the internet for different reasons. Someone’s livelihood may depend on it while another’s entertainment may rely on it. Find out why you need internet access so bad. For folks who want the net to download movies and listen to internet radio, an unlimited but lower bandwidth may suffice but for working individuals a faster limited plan is always best.

If you are in the market for a limited plan then find out what download limit you need and the bandwidth that your work requires. Keep a few extra GBs as contingency in your plan just in case you cross your limits.

Step 2: Ask Around the Neighborhood

One of the biggest mistakes people do with Internet Providers is that they read only online reviews. One ISP may be a big hit elsewhere in the country but in your neighborhood, they may be the worst. So, take into account the experience of all those closest to you. Ask friends, family members, neighbors about their interaction with various ISPs and shortlist a few names.

Step 3: Find Out the Technology and Bandwidth

To end users 10MBps sounds amazing but the technology behind such speeds is not something that people actually ask about. Just because an ISP promises speeds of 10MBps does not mean that they will provide the same. The majority of service providers boast of the highest connection speed that they currently provide. This does not necessarily mean that they are offering the same speeds in your locality. So, be specific about the connectivity in your area and ask what realistic speeds they are promising. Do not shy away from aggressive questions such as download speeds and bandwidth allocation or the connection type they use. Many ISPs try to hoodwink people by giving them technical details. Ask them to explain in layman’s terms.

Step 4: Ask For a Test Run

Today competition among ISPs have grown to such an extent that many are now offering free trial period. When you have narrowed your search down to the last three ISPs ask each for a trial of their best connection. Check the internet speed and other features out for a day before selecting one.

Step 5: Do Not Forget To Ask About Customer Redressal

As a customer, you are provided with certain rights and privileges. An above average service is the worst that you should expect from any ISP and if they fail to meet these standards then you should be able to speak to a representative who has the power to help you. If your chosen ISP cannot do this for you then the connection speed and all other fancy technology garble will hardly matter. So, ask your ISP how they plan to address any concerns you may have in future. Only choose an ISP that satisfies this question with an appropriate mechanism.