Children’s Books are More Interactive than Ever

Books just aren’t what they used to be; they are so much better and continue to change. Have you taken a moment lately to look around at just how amazing technology has become? Your children have access to many things you probably would have dreamed of as a child. It seems like every time you turn around, there is some new and fascinating advancement that is not only making life much easier but simpler as well.

Today we thought we would take a moment of your time in order to talk to you about how books have changed. They aren’t those heavy objects that have to take up a large amount of space in your child’s bag or room anymore; they are now completely lightweight and can be accessed from all sorts of devices, including your cell phone, tablet or even computer. Reading is becoming something that more and more kids are able to enjoy even if they are not yet at that age where they can read on their own.

Getting Kids Interested in Reading Much Earlier

Due to the fact that books are so interactive these days, children are becoming interested in reading much easier. While they may not be able to read the words on the page, there are many book options out there that allow your children to place their fingers on words and not only have them read aloud to them but have them even sounded out and defined. This is why so many kids are learning to read much sooner and parents and teachers don’t have to do much of the work. This is making reading something children are learning to love very early on.

Helps Your Children Learn to Pronounce Words

One of the neatest features not only about E-Readers these days but also various reading toys such as Leap Frog devices is the fact that they help break down sentences and words for your child so they can begin to learn how to pronounce words on their own. Remember the days when you had to be in the room and you have to show your child one-on-one? While this is still something we recommend doing on a regular basis, even when your child is by themselves or if you are too busy to work on their reading, they can still get the same benefits.

Lets Your Child Feel as though they are Part of the Story

Another really neat feature these days is the ability for your child to make changes in the story. There are many books these days that ask for your child’s participation; whether they are being asked to locate a certain character on the page or click on something to make a door open or an object move on its own. These types of things are especially nice for children who are just learning a language and not fully understanding commands yet. When you sit down with your child, you can actually do these things for them if they are not quite to the age where they can understand on their own and they are going to begin to understand things much sooner.

With these amazing features, your children are going to have a drastic change and growth when it comes to their cognitive abilities. Learning a language isn’t just about learning how to pronounce words and say full-length sentences, there is also a need for better understanding and these types of books along with educational television programs and one-on-one teachings at school and at home is going to drastically change your child’s understanding of the world around them. Isn’t it amazing just how many ways your child can learn these days? They can be in a room completely alone and still learn just as much as they would if you were right there reading with them and teaching them what certain words mean or what various pictures are of.

Read to Your Child From Far Away

Something we really love about these latest technology advancements and new ways books are being read and interacted with is the fact that you can literally read books to your child even if you are nowhere near where they are. Maybe you are working late, and don’t want to miss out on the nightly bedtime story. Some devices can actually sync up and allow your child to hear you reading to them no matter where you are. While we are sure you would rather be there in person so you can see your child’s reactions face to face, being able to hear each other and still have that parent-child time is important and your child is going to be thankful for it and remember those moments for the rest of their life.

Jack Lohan is the author of the article and loves writing on different topics. He has written a number of articles on online books in Australia.